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Listige is a playlist service, which continuously updates playlists, based on top content from the social media sites Reddit and Twitter

Why playlists based on social media?

It all started with me getting bored with yet another playlist.

That at first seemed filled with new and exciting music.

But I quickly overplayed it as the playlist never updated and the "new playlist discovery" feeling disappeared after a few days.

This lead me to wonder what if I could curate a playlist that I'll never grow tired of?

That could automatically rotate the tracks itself with new music?

But how does music streaming API's work and where to get this continuous feed of new music?

After a lot of trial and error the playlist service Listige is the final result from all these questions.

A playlist service that automatically updates Spotify playlists.

Based on top social media content from Reddit and Twitter.

Reddit playlists

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Indie artists

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Twitter playlists

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Top Playlists

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331 tracks automatically added to 97 playlists, on 2022-08-19
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304 tracks automatically added to 85 playlists, on 2022-08-16
285 tracks automatically added to 93 playlists, on 2022-08-15