Check out the alternative rock band Hotheads!!!

Doing something different today, which is a guest post for the alternative rock band Hotheads!

These guys are working really hard to get their music out there and wanted to give them some help on the way, by sharing their presentation from their own website

Our band is just starting out, we our trying to bring back rock and roll from the roots. We want to bring back creativity into music like back in the day when music sounded like it meant something. We are inspired by the beat. The blues had a baby and they called it rock & roll. We our an alternative avant-garde rock band. We play real instruments, no auto tune, our music comes from the mind, the heart and the soul. We play all original songs...

And for those of you who can't get enough of playlists, check out their YouTube link below. Where they collected some very unique YouTube playlists, filled with great rock music!

One of these playlist are open for other new comers like themselves. So if your into a band, wanting to be heard, then reach out to them.

Go give Hotheads a listen and follow them on their various social media pages: