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Chuck Eaton - Always Child r/Music2020s | Top weekly posts
Viktor Vaughn - Lickupon r/Backpacker | Top weekly posts
Divinyls - I Touch Myself r/TheTikiHut | Top weekly posts
No Doubt - Just A Girl
Yazoo - Don't Go
U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Poison the Vicar - Scourge of the Earth r/EBM | Top weekly posts
Goddamn - Yout r/NoiseRock | Top weekly posts
CERE - Roses
ISIS - Beneath Below [Post-Metal/Sludge Metal] r/PostMetal | Top weekly posts
Free - All Right Now r/Rock | Top weekly posts
The Who - Going Mobile
?What! - Speed Walking (2021) -- Check out the breakdown at 1:14! We really hope you enjoy
Ancestral - Refuge of Souls [2017] (Thrashy instrumental tech) r/TechnicalDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
FrailruR - Goodbye r/Goth | Top weekly posts
Cruel Reflections - Year One (2018) r/PostPunk | Top weekly posts
Cardinal Birds - KillKillKill (Live October 24, 2020) Ukrainian Punk Rock Band!
ACTORS - L'appel Du Vide
Nico & Blue Orchids - All Tomorrow's Parties
Black Baron - Twisted Fate
ABC - The Look Of Love (Official Video) r/NewWave | Top weekly posts
Coops - Piss Poor r/UkHipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
Null & Void - O K H O, Saito, Lord Apex
Cappo - I.D.S.T.
Cult Mountain - Poncho
Lee Scott x Salar x Farma G - Godnose / Disasterpiece
The Microphones - I Want Wind To Blow [Lo-fi/Experimental, released 20 years ago] (2001) r/ListenToUs | Top weekly posts
Saunimon - XALAX r/IDM | Top weekly posts
Squarepusher - Papalon
Hakushi Hasegawa (?????) - Doku (?)
Apparat - Multifunktionsebene
Burn Down Eden - Bizarre Circus [Official Misheard Lyrics Video] r/MelodicDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
NonExist - Eaten Alive (2002)
Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White - Drum Cover (HQ) recorded w/ Yamaha EAD10 r/EmoScreamo | Top weekly posts
Bomb the Music Industry! - Slumlord r/Ska | Top weekly posts
Brave Shores - Never Come Down (2014) r/2010sMusic | Top weekly posts
Great Good Fine Ok - Too Much Too Handle (2014)
Passion Pit - I'll Be Alright (2012)
Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
Masked Intruder - ?All Of My Love? [Pop-Punk] (2018)
Tony Romera - Top Top (2021) r/FrenchHouse | Top weekly posts
Captaine Roshi - ?b?l? Ft. Gradur (2020) r/FrenchRap | Top weekly posts
Adele - Skyfall r/SoundTracks | Top weekly posts
Mark Mancina - Cry Macho (2021) [Full Album Playlist]
Trevor Jones - The Dark Crystal (1982) [Full Album Playlist]
The Cold Stares - Any Way the Wind Blows r/HardRock | Top weekly posts
Seb Kaufman - A Waltz For Lilly r/MusicForConcentration | Top weekly posts
Fanu - Gone But Not Forgotten (2021) r/Jungle | Top weekly posts
Dino Ferraz - Careca N?o [World Jazz Rock] (2021) [Angola] r/MusicaNova | Top weekly posts
Nevilton - S? [Indie Rock] (2021) [Brasil]
Linkin Park - In The End - Drum Cover r/Music | Daily hot posts
Blind At Times - Look Inside [Stoner Metal]
Kyrova - In The Shelter Of Night [Bedroom Pop]
Laurent Garnier - Wake Up [Techno]
YORICHFRIEND - Straight Outta Stockton [Rap]
Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Nutty Chip Cornet) [Progressive House]
Truc Phuong - Tau Dem Nam Cu [Blues]
Chico & The Gypsies - 3 Daqat Gipsy [world] (2021)
Joe Bonamassa - Woke Up Dreaming [Blues/Rock]
BADBADNOTGOOD - Beside April [Jazz]
Dreamcatcher - BEcause [Rock/K-pop?] If you love Evanescence, this group is a must follow
The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight [Rock]
Volbeat - Wait A Minute My Girl - Drum Cover
Lost Frequencies - Beat of my heart (slowed down to perfection)
Terraform - Pathos/Ethos [NEW] r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
[New] Perfect Oblivion - The Gentle Men r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
G Lett - Swimming in your mind r/RnBHeads | Top weekly posts
Spiderbait - Black Betty r/2000sMusic | Top weekly posts
Linda Lyndell - What A Man (What A Mighty Fine Man) r/60sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Fugs - Boobs a Lot
The Bobby Fuller Four - Let Her Dance (1965)
Arlo Guthrie - The City of New Orleans r/70sMusic | Top weekly posts
T. Rex - Chrome Sitar (1972)
Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop (Official Music Video) -
The Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music
Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (Official Music Video) r/80sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Cars - Drive
Sun always shines on TV - A-ha [7 inch vinyl single]
Robert Palmer - I Didn't Mean to Turn You On
The most perfect song ever made | Souls Of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity r/90sHipHop | Top weekly posts
S Club 7 - Bring It All Back r/90sMusic | Top weekly posts
They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Lyrics) (1990)
UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke - Rabbit In Your Headlights (1998)
Kyoto Kyoto - Dart Oporto 56 r/AlternativeRock | Top weekly posts
Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon [Alt Rock/Experimental Rock/Noise Rock]
LL Cool J - The Boomin' System r/BeatsNRhymes | Top weekly posts
Mis?yrming - S?ngur Heiftar r/BlackMetal | Top weekly posts
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Black Snake r/Blues | Top weekly posts
The Beach Boys - Student Demonstration Time
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Official) r/ClassicRock | Top weekly posts
Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
Mott The Hoople - Ready For Love
Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Official Video)
Def Leppard - Billy's Got A Gun
Black Sabbath - Neon Knights
Free - All Right Now
Jimi Hendrix - 3rd Stone From The Sun
Sterling Drake - Best Of Tennessee [2021] r/Country | Top weekly posts
Willie Nelson - Stardust
Sinner Self - IMY (Official Music Video) r/Deathcore | Top weekly posts
Fit For An Autopsy - The Desecrator
Acrostichon - Immolation of the Agnostic [Netherlands, 1993] r/DeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Gorguts - With Their Flesh, He'll Create (1993)
NinDjent0 - Bolero of Fire (From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) r/Djent | Top weekly posts
Feint - The Journey r/DnB | Top weekly posts
Acaled - Phantom [Invasion Recordings]
David Guetta ft. Nico & Vinz, Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Lift Me Up r/EDM | Top weekly posts
Sam Gellaitry - Jacket Weather (2016) r/ElectronicMusic | Top weekly posts
Shayde - Ama il Buco
Spraynard - Out of Body r/Emo | Top weekly posts
Failure - Another Space Song
Love lost but not forgotten - typical fashion (Emoviolence)
Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess r/Funk | Top weekly posts
Rewindmetv - Perfection ( Official Audio ) r/FutureBeats | Top weekly posts
Iman Kumar Mukherjee - Cursed Life (2021, EDM)
easydrigo - ?Its Cool? [hiphop]
TheDamnedKirai - Drive Labyrinth [Indie Electronic]
Snowdream - Open Space (2021) r/FutureFunk | Top weekly posts
Wiley - when I'm gone ft queen millz laughta and sbk r/Grime | Top weekly posts
New Kids On The Block - Remix (I Like The) r/GuiltyPleasureMusic | Top weekly posts
98 Degrees - The Hardest Thing
*NSYNC - Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)
Maroon 5 - Payphone
Tower Of Ruin - Suffered Living (ffo: heavy as fuck) r/Hardcore | Top weekly posts
Profit Over People - Chokehold
Bitter Truth - Perfect World (FFO Down to Nothing, No Warning)
FRESH Every Time I Die - Planet Shit
Spitfire - The Power Of Fire r/HardStyle | Top weekly posts
Black Violin - A Flat (2012) r/HipHop | Top weekly posts
[FRESH] James Blake - Famous Last Words r/HipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
[DISCUSSION] St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley (15 Years Later) r/HipHopHeads | Daily hot posts
Berner - 20 Joints
Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (Fuck the World)
[FRESH] Sebii - DONOrr
[FRESH VIDEO] Grizzy Hendrix - What's the Procedure feat. Tech N9ne (Official Music Video)
[FRESH] Ang13 - A.W.E.S.O.M.E
[FRESH VIDEO] FYB J Mane - Chicago Bull (Official Video)
[FRESH] Shyheim feat. Mickey Factz, RJ Payne & Rockness MonstaH - Mercy Made Me
A Tribe Called Quest - Peace, Prosperity & Paper (High School High OST, 1996)
2Pac - Troublesome 96
Tr? Little - Rowdy Niggas (Game Tight, 2002)
Young Nudy - Old School
Dela - Tomorrow Isn't Promised
[FRESH] James Blake - Famous Last Words
Nas - Rare
[FRESH VIDEO] Anthony Danza - Don't Hit My Line ft. Dusty Fuller
[FRESH] CASISDEAD - Park Assist (feat. La Roux)[Prod. by Com Truise]
Young Thug - Gangster Shit
[FRESH VIDEO] Baby Keem - first order of business
[FRESH VIDEO] Young Dolph - Talking To My Scale
Eazy-E - Eazy-er Said Than Dunn
La Fleur - Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix) r/House | Top weekly posts
jeauxin - you look cold (evil) r/Indie | Top weekly posts
MALK - Pearl (Indie Rock)
The Strange Marco - Coming Back (Indie/Lo-fi rock)
Weezer - All My Favorite Songs r/Indie_rock | Top weekly posts
?What! - Carte Blanche (2021) -- this is one of the songs off our most recent EP. We really hope you enjoy
[FRESH] James Blake - Famous Last Words r/IndieHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH VIDEO] Ty Segall - Harmonizer
[FRESH] CASTLEBEAT - Into r/IndieHeads | Daily hot posts
[FRESH] Shaller - Lucidity
[FRESH PERFORMANCE] Mara TK - 'Met at the River' ft. AJA (RNZ Music live session)
[FRESH] Kairos Creature Club - Disconnecting
[FRESH] Joe & The Shitboys - Manspredator
[FRESH EP] Kraak & Smaak - Scirocco
[FRESH] Finn - A Good Place
[FRESH] Every Time I Die - Planet Shit
[FRESH VIDEO] Ty Segall - Harmonizer
[FRESH] Sam Evian - Time to Melt
[FRESH] Diet Cig - Priority Mail (Alternate Version)
[FRESH] James Blake - Famous Last Words
[FRESH] The Slow Readers Club - Tell No Lies
Split end - TEENAGER [Alternative Rock][2021] r/JapaneseMusic | Top weekly posts
The Peggies - Unleash
Chet Baker - That Old Feeling (1956) r/Jazz | Top weekly posts
Golden Child (Y & Jangjun) - POPPIN' r/Kpop | Top weekly posts
BTS - Permission to Dance (Shorts Challenge Ver.)
ATEEZ - Deja Vu
Stray Kids (Bang Chan and Hyunjin) - Red Lights
Young K (DAY6) - come as you are
ATEEZ - Deja Vu r/Kpop | Daily hot posts
Stray Kids (Bang Chan and Hyunjin) - Red Lights
ATEEZ - Eternal Sunshine @ Comeback Media Showcase (210913)
Red Velvet - Queendom (Compilation)
Young K (DAY6) - come as you are
Seatbelts - Space Lion [Jazz] (1998) r/ListenToThis | Top weekly posts
noveltysongs - Doomsday [indie pop] (2021)
MALO - March of Progress [Synthwave] (2017)
Seatbelts - Space Lion [Jazz] (1998) r/ListenToThis | Daily hot posts
Home is Where - Long Distance Conjoined Twins [Emo](2021)
SPACEMAK3R - Circus [metal / experimental/circus] (2011)
Kaleen - Too Good To Not [Pop] (2021)
Junior Brown - Guit-Steel Blues [blues] (1995)
2E - Wave [Irish Rap] (2019)
Casper McFadden - uuuuu [Breakcore] (2021)
Ruadh - Winters Light [Atmospheric Black Metal] (2020)
The Big Push - Precious [Acoustic] (2021)
Straytones - Oh Sweet Seeds [Psychedelic/Surf Rock] (2021)
Same Fears - Herself [mathcore] (2018)
MALO - March of Progress [Synthwave] (2017)
Bananafish - ???? / Morning [indie/pop rock] (2021)
Hanz Hyper - Business Casual [Electro / Pop / Funk] (2021)
Havukruunu - Kuu Erkyl?n Yll? [Black, 2021, Finland] r/Metal | Top weekly posts
Mortiferum - Altar Of Decay
1914 - The Hundred Days Offensive [Ukraine,2018]
Loudblast - Cross the Threshold [1994, France] r/Metal | Daily hot posts
Nekromantheon - Neptune Descent [FFO: Aura Noir, Condor]
1914 - The Hundred Days Offensive [Ukraine,2018]
Mortiferum - Altar Of Decay
Havukruunu - Kuu Erkyl?n Yll? [Black, 2021, Finland]
Cancer - Tasteless Incest [UK, 1991]
Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil
DragonForce - Valley of the Damned
Brocas Helm - Time of The Dark. Track from Defender of The Crown (2004).
Alustrium - The Accuser [Progressive/Technical Death]
IOTUNN - The Tower of Cosmic Nihility [Denmark, 2021]
My Dying Bride - The Raven and the Rose
Wings of Destiny - Theater of Tragedy from Memento Mori
dynazty - Heartless Madness
Teintanblood - Black Vertebrae (FFO of heavy stuff)
Sacrilege - Sweet Moment of Triumph (Sweden, 1997)
Stam1na - Verisateenkaari
Hrom - Certain Doom (FFO Riot City, Traveler)
Thornhill - Limbo r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts
Every Time I Die - Planet Shit
Laurent Garnier - Wake Up [Techno] r/Music | Top weekly posts
Outrun song inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog r/OutRun | Top weekly posts
Raye Zaragoza - Run With The Wolves r/PopHeads | Daily hot posts
Ozuna - La Funka (Official Video)
Alexa Demie - Leopard Limo (Archive LL11) ~Official Video~
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Life Support [Official Music Video]
Kaleen - Too Good To Not (Official Video)
Dua Lipa - Levitating (Official Animated Music Video)
ATEEZ - Deja Vu (Official MV)
Stray Kids (Chan & Hyunjin) - Red Lights
James Blake - Famous Last Words
HaleyJane Rose - Wide Open
LION BABE - It's Okay feat. OSHUN (Official Music Video)
Aanysa - Space
Masked Intruder - ?No Case? (2018) r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts
My Chemical Romance - Headfirst for Halos
Alexisonfire - Dog`s Blood (2010) r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts
Parting Ways - Speechless (2019)
Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White - Drum Cover (HQ) recorded w/ Yamaha EAD10
Armor for Sleep - Who?s Gonna Lie To You (WTDWYAD B-Sides)
Non Somnia - As I bury this knife in my body(Piano, strings... Melancholy) r/PostRock | Top weekly posts
Dream Evil - In Flames You Burn r/PowerMetal | Top weekly posts
Haken - Carousel (Conner Green Bass Playthrough) r/ProgMetal | Top weekly posts
Mastodon - This Mortal Soil (Happy 15th Anniversary Blood Mountain!)
The Ocean Collective - Jurassic l Cretaceous (2020) (feat. Jonas Renkse)
Leprous - Triumphant r/ProgRockMusic | Top weekly posts
Wananabani-en - Asuka(??)
Naxatras - Shiva's Dance (2015) r/PsychedelicRock | Top weekly posts
Allah Las - De Vida Voz
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Living, Loving Life
Broadcast - Distorsion
The Budos Band - Renegade (2020)
Remove - Mind Master r/PsyTrance | Top weekly posts
Capitalist Casualties - Strange Soup r/Punk | Top weekly posts
LUTAN FYAH - Weed Oooooh [music video] r/Reggae | Top weekly posts
Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down The Pace
Jennifer Lara - Off The Air
presents for sally - When We All Move Away r/ShoeGaze | Top weekly posts
Causa Sui - Mondo Buzzo (2016) r/StonerRock | Top weekly posts
Mamont - Morning Star (2014)
35007 - U:MU:M'NU: (1994)
Aquamaria - colour haze
Uun - Believe You Me r/Techno | Top weekly posts
Tensal - JB1 [TENSAL010]
Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp r/Trance | Top weekly posts
Coredata - 94 [2021]
Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin - Chasing Love (Extended Mix) [2010]
Elliott Power - Once Smitten r/TripHop | Top weekly posts