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Hot Mulligan - Green Squirrel In Pretty Bad Shape (2020) r/Music2020s | Top weekly posts
ODESZA - The Last Goodbye
Wheatus - I'd Never Write A Song About You (2020)
Remixedcat - Celestial Celebration (2022/trance/nudisco) r/SpaceMusic | Top weekly posts
Can - Sing Swan Song r/KrautRock | Top weekly posts
The Smashing Pumpkins - Today (Official Music Video) r/90sRock | Top weekly posts
New Radicals - You Get What You Give r/TheTikiHut | Top weekly posts
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Negant - SWEAT! r/EBM | Top weekly posts
Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands to Yourself (1986) r/Rock | Top weekly posts
Rush - Red Barchetta
Black Sabbath - Pariah
The Beatles - A Day In The Life r/AdultContemporary | Top weekly posts
Deathhawk - ???? (2022) [russian deathrock] r/Goth | Top weekly posts
Leda - Endless Race [1978] r/Electro | Top weekly posts
Brian Hughes - Wherever You Are r/SmoothJazz | Top weekly posts
Bus Boys - Did you see me (1980) r/NewWave | Top weekly posts
Talking Heads - The Great Curve (1980)
Jam Baxter - Fetch The Poison r/UkHipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
Ayrtn - South | evergreen live
Lunch Money Life -- Nicolas Cage Pease Get In Touch [London 5-Piece, Jazz Prog Fusion Instrumental] (2021) r/ListenToUs | Top weekly posts
Namie Amuro - Yeah-Oh - MV r/Jpop | Top weekly posts
Enshine - Transcending Fire (insomniumcore, 2021) r/MelodicDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Myridian - Under The Fading Light (Australia, 2012)
DV-i - Perpetual (reminiscent of Depreciation Guild and Cocteau Twins) r/DreamPop | Top weekly posts
Odes of Ecstasy - Faithless (Greece, 1998) [Symphonic Death Metal] r/SymphonicMetal | Top weekly posts
Witchcraft - ?Democracy? (2012) r/StonerMetal | Top weekly posts
Pid?ama Porno - Ezoteryczny Pozna? r/Ska | Top weekly posts
Sean Paul - Like Glue r/DanceHall | Top weekly posts
Sean Paul - Punkie
The Hotelier - The Scope Of All This Rebuilding (2014) r/2010sMusic | Top weekly posts
Gran Calavera - Safe
Black Sabbath - Methademic (2013)
Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real but Love
Thony Ritz - Washing Machine r/FrenchHouse | Top weekly posts
SOMA - rolex pr?sidentielle r/FrenchRap | Top weekly posts
John Debney - Marry Me (2022) [Full Album Playlist] r/SoundTracks | Top weekly posts
Witchcraft - ?Deconstruction? (2012) r/HardRock | Top weekly posts
Rainbow - Mistreated
Gabriel Ventura - O Teste [Rock Alternativo] (2022) [Brasil] r/MusicaNova | Top weekly posts
????? - enjoy time [instrumental ] (2021) r/Music | Daily hot posts
James Brown - Try Me [R&b/Soul/Pop] is it in 6/8, 3/4, or 4/4?
Labi Siffre - I Got The... [Soul, heavily sampled by Eminem]
The Taxpayers - I Love You Like An Alcoholic [Folk Punk]
Purple Mountains - Darkness and Cold [Alt country] | The light of my life is going out tonight. With someone she just met
?zlem Soydan - Likya [Indie Folk]
Germind - Ambient Wave 8 r/Psybient | Top weekly posts
tricot - ??? (Aoi Kuse) r/MathRock | Top weekly posts
John Doe - The Losing Kind r/IndieFolk | Top weekly posts
Sevensixtwo - Lost Lake // Dark Valley. Fresh new band r/MelodicHardcore | Top weekly posts
Martin Olson - You're Old (SpongeBob SquarePants OST, 2005) r/2000sMusic | Top weekly posts
Scooter - Behind The Cow
Daft Punk - Something About Us (Official Video)
The Choir - It's Cold Outside (1966) r/60sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Zombies - You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Larry Groce - Junk Food Junkie r/70sMusic | Top weekly posts
Marvin Hamlisch - The Entertainer
Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From
ABBA - Does Your Mother Know
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust r/80sMusic | Top weekly posts
Superchunk - Precision Auto (1993) r/90sAlternative | Top weekly posts
The Mark of Cain - LMA
Eric's Trip - Girlfriend
Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun
Spritualized - I Think I'm In Love
Black Moon - Who Got Da Props r/90sHipHop | Top weekly posts
Arsonists - Fat Laces - 1999
The Smashing Pumpkins - Today (Official Music Video) r/90sMusic | Top weekly posts
Pearl Jam - Immortality
Tori Amos - Icicle
Steve Earle - Billy Austin (live, 1990) r/AltCountry | Top weekly posts
Amber Run - Fickle Game [VIDEO] r/AlternativeRock | Top weekly posts
John Lion - I Don't Believe In Magic
Medina Green - Crosstown Beef / Fa La Lashe r/BeatsNRhymes | Top weekly posts
Necromantia - Lord of the Abyss (Greece, 1993) r/BlackMetal | Top weekly posts
Elton John - Crocodile Rock (1972) r/ClassicRock | Top weekly posts
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
R.E.M. - Crush With Eyeliner (1995 off the album Monster)
Scorpions - Another Piece Of Meat
Rush - Red Barchetta
A song called Hurry up & Hurt Me from my new album - hope you like it! r/Country | Top weekly posts
Gary Allan - Tough Little Boys
Merle Haggard - Misery and Gin [Live from Austin, TX]
Charley Crockett - Midnight Run
Dolly Parton - Jolene
Greg Paul - Old Broken Heart
Absolute Valentine & Powernerd - Cyber Ravage r/CyberPunk_Music | Top weekly posts
Negant - SWEAT!
Disavowed - Rhizome (2001) r/DeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Altar - Jesus Is Dead! (Netherlands, 1994)
Horrendous - Soothsayer
Fred P - On The Bright Side (2022) r/DeepHouse | Top weekly posts
Pathogen - Opaque (OFFICIAL SINGLE STREAM) r/Djent | Top weekly posts
Senpai - Skyline r/DnB | Top weekly posts
Hot Since 82 - Buggin' (feat. Jem Cooke) (Jake Lamarche Remix) r/ElectroHouse | Top weekly posts
Com Truise - Ultrafiche of You r/ElectronicMusic | Top weekly posts
Thievery Corporation - Fragments (Tycho Remix) [Downtempo] (2012)
Joyce Manor - Heated Swimming Pool! r/Emo | Top weekly posts
Worst Party Ever - Trying Harder
The Get Up Kids - Valentine
Street Smart Cyclist - Cigarettes In Love
Alkaline Trio - Enjoy Your Stay (Live at Desirable Records in Detroit, MI on April 4, 2001)
Jake Kaiser - Follow You r/FutureBeats | Top weekly posts
Negant - SWEAT!
Annie Lennox - No More I Love You's r/GuiltyPleasureMusic | Top weekly posts
Jessica Simpson - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Max Enforcer, Waverider - Epic r/HardStyle | Top weekly posts
Warface - Bloody Valentine (Happy Valentine's Day!)
Take A Walk - Masta Ace r/HipHop | Top weekly posts
Pxris - Move Different
[FRESH] VINCE STAPLES - MAGIC (FEAT. MUSTARD) r/HipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH] Gunna - Banking On Me
[FRESH VIDEO] Drakeo the Ruler - Whole Lotta Ice r/HipHopHeads | Daily hot posts
Westside Connection - Gangsta Nation [2003]
[FRESH] Gunna - Banking On Me
50 Cent - We Up Ft. Kendrick Lamar
[FRESH] Big K.R.I.T. - Southside of the Moon
JAY-Z - '03 Bonnie & Clyde ft. Beyonc? Knowles
Hi-Tek - Keep It Moving (feat. Q-Tip, Kurupt & Dion)
[FRESH] Deante' Hitchcock - Neck Up (feat. Bairi & Dende)
Dilated Peoples - Who's Who [2004]
Lil Keed - Wavy (Remix) feat. Travis Scott
[FRESH] Justjoey - Second Thoughts
The Swing Kids - Yeah (The Dope Mix) (1991) r/House | Top weekly posts
The Hotelier - The Scope Of All This Rebuilding (2014) r/Indie_rock | Top weekly posts
I Heard the Things You Said - My Friend Joe
[FRESH] Destroyer - Eat the Wine, Drink the Bread r/IndieHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH] Dehd - Bad Love
[FRESH] Destroyer - Eat the Wine, Drink the Bread r/IndieHeads | Daily hot posts
[FRESH] Sondre Lerche - Avatars of Love
[FRESH] Cults - Valentine
[FRESH] Dehd - Bad Love
[FRESH] Snail Mail - Adore You (Valentine Demo)
[FRESH] Samia - Desperado / Born on a Train
[FRESH] White Lies - Blue Drift
[FRESH] Young Prisms - Self Love
[FRESH] Tristen - Dance Me to the End of Love (Leonard Cohen Cover)
[FRESH] THICK - Love You Forever
[FRESH VIDEO] Rex Orange County - AMAZING
[FRESH VIDEO] White Lies - Is My Love Enough
[FRESH] Cheerbleederz - cute as hell
[FRESH] Sorry Mom - Molly Sells Molly By The Seashore
Meat Beat Manifesto - Dogstar Man/Helter Skelter (1990) r/IndustrialMusic | Top weekly posts
Negant - SWEAT!
Covenant - Bullet
StatiqBloom - Talons Teeth
Momoiro Clover Z - HAND r/JapaneseMusic | Top weekly posts
Alice Coltrane - Blue Nile r/Jazz | Top weekly posts
Rocking doll - Heart Rider r/Kpop | Top weekly posts
Apink - Dilemma
Epik High (feat. Younha) - Gray So Gray (Lyric MV)
TRI.BE - LOBO (Teaser Images) r/Kpop | Daily hot posts
Apink - Dilemma
Epik High (feat. Younha) - Gray So Gray (Lyric MV)
Tristen - Glass Jar [Indie Pop] (2017) r/ListenToThis | Top weekly posts
Miracle Blood - Bullhorn (Official Video) [Post Hardcore/ Punk] (2022)
John Doe - Forever for You [Alt Country-Rock] (2002) r/ListenToThis | Daily hot posts
KASSEL - Nightswim [indie folk] (2022)
Yeju - Pyramidion [indie] (2022)
Bobby Halvorson - - Never My Love feat. Tim Heidecker [Indie rock] (2022)
Organized Konfusion - Let's Organize [Hip-hop] (1994)
MILKBLOOD - DISCO CLOSURE [Electronic / Bass / Horror?] (2022)
Cult of Luna - Full Moon [Post-metal, from new album] r/Metal | Top weekly posts
Summoning - Where Hope and Daylight Die
Angra - Streets of tomorrow r/Metal | Daily hot posts
Cult of Luna - Full Moon [Post-metal, from new album]
Panychida - Trampus
The Crown - Death Explosion (Sweden, 2000)
Summoning - Where Hope and Daylight Die
Cobra Spell - Addicted To The Night
Gates Of Ishtar - Where The Winds Of Darkness Blow
Mystic Storm - Nightmare ( Russia 2021 )
Skullsceptre - Skullsceptre
HAUNTED BY SILHOUETTES - Flock (Melodic death metal from Norway)
Mo'ynoq - Witness to the Abyss [USA - 2019]
Savage Messiah - Out of Time
Pelican - The Creeper
VINTERSEA - Spawn Awakening (Official Tour Music Video)
Luzbel - El ?ngel de la lujuria [Mexico, 1985][FFO: Judas Priest, Angeles del Infierno, Kraken]
The Taxpayers - I Love You Like An Alcoholic [Folk Punk] r/Music | Top weekly posts
Absolute Valentine & Powernerd - Cyber Ravage r/OutRun | Top weekly posts
Tinashe - Naturally r/PopHeads | Top weekly posts
Snail Mail - Adore You (Valentine Demo)
Silk Sonic - Love?s Train
Tinashe - Naturally r/PopHeads | Daily hot posts
Apink - Dilemma
Snail Mail - Adore You (Valentine Demo)
modernlove. - Follow You
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Maybe Baby ( Official Video Valentine's Day ver. )
Rex Orange County - AMAZING
Saweetie - Closer (feat. H.E.R.) [Official Music Video]
Rocking Doll - Heart Rider
Silk Sonic - Love?s Train
ARIS - Dosvidaniya
Silverstein - Smile in Your Sleep r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts
Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties - Rosa & Reseda (2019)
Coldfront - So Typical
Handlr - I Forgot to Water My Plants and They Faked Their Own Death (Full length record release late spring/summer) r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts
Escape the Fate - the ransom
TRUSTcompany - Downfall
Compass & Knife - The Descending Dove (I have some questions) r/PostRock | Top weekly posts
Dragony - Angels on Neon Wings r/PowerMetal | Top weekly posts
Jorn - Faith Bloody Faith
Masterplan - Enlighten Me (Germany, 2002)
Rhapsody - Queen of the Dark Horizons
Allegaeon - Threshold of Perception r/ProgMetal | Top weekly posts
Hands of Despair - Drowned [OFFICIAL VIDEO] FFO: Ne Obliviscaris, Revocation, Opeth
Psychonaut - Sananda
Frank Zappa - Little Umbrellas r/ProgRockMusic | Top weekly posts
David Bowie - Saviour Machine
Psychotic Waltz - Strange
Peter Gabriel - Signal To Noise (Live) - Happy 72th birthday!!!
The Kinks - Wicked Annabella (1968) r/PsychedelicRock | Top weekly posts
Kikagaku Moyo - Silver Owl
White Denim - At Night in Dreams (2013)
Shift - Megatron r/PsyTrance | Top weekly posts
Witch Hunt - Life In A Box r/Punk | Top weekly posts
Vaccine - Fever - HFCD001 r/RealDubstep | Top weekly posts
Marlon Asher - Use Me r/Reggae | Top weekly posts
xscape - softest place on earth r/RnB | Top weekly posts
Playa - All The Way
Sista - Brand New (1994)
Heather Victoria - Never Felt (2019)
Witchcraft - ?White Light Suicide? (2012) r/StonerRock | Top weekly posts
El Supremo - Ultimate Dropout
1000mods - The Son
Dwarde & Tim Reaper - 013 r/Techno | Top weekly posts
Parallx ft. Unkenny Valleys - Thin Flesh Bleeds Longer [RP5]
Carbine - Stapled To Bits [1997]
Fragma ft. Maria Rubia - Everytime You Need Me [2000] r/Trance | Top weekly posts
Orkidea - Pacifique [2012]
Will Atkinson with JES - Long Way Home (Will Atkinson club mix) (setrip) [Black Hole Recordings] [2022]
Bricksquash - Skreet Force One / Re-Bricked r/Trap | Top weekly posts
Violet Moons - Hex a Man [Indie Pop] r/TreeMusic | Top weekly posts
Big Thief - Blurred View (2022) r/TripHop | Top weekly posts