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Kish - Don't Judge Me (Official Video) r/RnBSongs | Top weekly posts
Machine Gun Kelly - Drug Dealer (feat. Lil Wayne) (2022) r/Music2020s | Top weekly posts
Lange proudly presents. Firewall - Together r/AboveAndBeyond | Top weekly posts
Wesley Joseph - Thrilla (Official Video) r/Backpacker | Top weekly posts
Wesley Joseph - Martyrs (Official Video) ft. Monks
Spin Doctors - Two Princes r/TheTikiHut | Top weekly posts
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (Official Music Video)
Fantomas - Page 3 r/NoiseRock | Top weekly posts
The Hope Burden - Abandonment r/PostMetal | Top weekly posts
Absent in Body - In Spirit in Spite
uppergaff - L'esprit de l'escalier (A try to blend classic Post-Rock tropes with heavy guitars and odd time signatures)
M?tley Cr?e - Looks That Kill r/Rock | Top weekly posts
Rage Against The Machine - Microphone Fiend
Skid Row - Monkey Business (1991) (Official Music Video)
HYPERMASS - The Degenerate Strain (Official Music Video) r/TechnicalDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
This Cold Night - 90? r/Goth | Top weekly posts
Dawn of Elysium - Storm
Sombras - Me Estoy Quemando (2020 Deathrock)
Lovelace - Kontravoid Remix
Lebanon Hanover - Saddest Smile
DARK - Skeleton Dance (Let's give smaller bands some love!)
Cocteau Twins - Feathers Oar Blades. Their postpunk era is my fave from them! r/PostPunk | Top weekly posts
And four - You catch the man
Swell Maps - New York
Defectors - You Only Laughed (1980)
Leg Puppy - Selfie Stick Narcissistic Prick
Lovelace - Kontravoid Remix
Talk Talk - Living In Another World r/NewWave | Top weekly posts
Robert - Daddy Was A Bastard r/UkHipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
Cam Thomas - Last Man Standing (Freestyle) (Official Music Video)
Kitchens Of Distinction -- The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule [London, Shoegaze] (1989) r/ListenToUs | Top weekly posts
KANKAN - Tomb r/Jpop | Top weekly posts
yama - MoonWalker (Music Video)
Tani Yuuki - W/X/Y (THE FIRST TAKE)
Renuen - Revenge On The Dead (Belarus, 2022) r/MelodicDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Moonshield - The Decimation Of The Triangulum Armada By Absu's Talons (USA, 2022)
SEMBLANT - Enrage [New]
Edenbridge - Somewhere Else But Here (2022) r/SymphonicMetal | Top weekly posts
Floor Jansen - Fire (Official Music Video)
Giorgio Moroder - In The Middle of The Knight r/Disco | Top weekly posts
Chris Murray - Rock Steady r/Ska | Top weekly posts
The Hempsteadys - Box Fan
Goldfinger - Wallflower but in Clone Hero!
Vybz Kartel - Sex & The City r/DanceHall | Top weekly posts
Janelle Mon?e - Tightrope r/2010sMusic | Top weekly posts
Kavinsky - Outsider (2022) r/FrenchHouse | Top weekly posts
Kavinsky - Cameo (Ft. Kareen Lomax) (2022)
Booba - Foetus (2009) r/FrenchRap | Top weekly posts
Luv Resval - XAN
Brian Tyler - Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 - London Attack r/SoundTracks | Top weekly posts
The Lion King (play) - 'He Lives in You (Reprise)' by Elton John et al.
Iron Maiden - Man On The Edge r/HardRock | Top weekly posts
Black Sabbath - After All
Saints & Sinners - Wheels of Fire
Double O - Dreamin' (AKO Beatz - 2017) r/Jungle | Top weekly posts
squarepusher - tundra
Bj?rk - Human Behaviour [Alternative] (1993) r/Music | Daily hot posts
Karl Schoenberg - Walking on the Moon - [Deep / Dark Ambient Music]
Madebit - Outdoor Meditations [ Dance / EDM / World Bass ]
Mr. Mister - Kyrie [pop, 80s]
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer [Dance-rock, 1986]
keshi - ANGOSTURA (2022) [Alternative/R&B]
Taylor fuckin Hawkins and the Coattail Riders - I really blew it
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler (Video Original Version) [breakbeat]
Serpent Church - Death Knows You're Here [Dark Rock]
Orange 9mm - Dragons (You Know I Love You) [Alt Rock]
MADKID - Gold Medal [J-pop] (2021)
geisha neko - ?? [J-pop]
John Martyn - Solid Air [Folk/Jazz] an ethereal track from 1973 that was recorded as a dedication to his friend, Nick Drake, 18 months before his untimely death
Liv Rylan - Beg [pop]
Motor City Vibrations - Girl [Reggae]
Giles Corey - No One Is Ever Going to Want Me
After The Sunset - Who Can I Be? [Alternative]
Dennis Wilson - Holy Man [Taylor Hawkins version](2008)
dabritz - un mundo enfermo [lofi]
Ultravox! - Hiroshima Mon Amour [New Wave]
Saa kiljua - Sunnuntaiaamu [Rock]
The Head and the Heart - Missed Connection [indie rock]
Dayseeker - Neon Grave (NEW) r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
[NEW] Architects - Black Lungs (Abbey Road Version)
Windwaker - Glow (New)
Cohen - HINDSIGHT (New)
[NEW] Ibaraki (Matt Heafy, Ihsahn) - R?nin (feat. Gerard Way)
Lost Lake - Disease (NEW)
Surrounded - Mirrors [NEW] r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
Zero Theory - Duality (released March 10, 2022) r/Psybient | Top weekly posts
[FRESH] keshi - GABRIEL (LP) r/RnBHeads | Top weekly posts
Rese - Radar r/MathRock | Top weekly posts
ANIMALS AS LEADERS - Micro-Aggressions (Official Music Video)
FES - Force Feed (Lyric Video)
The Bowater Line - My Dear r/IndieFolk | Top weekly posts
Ben Howard - Oats In The Water
Jerry Cantrell - Feel the Void r/2000sMusic | Top weekly posts
New Order - Crystal
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964) HQ/Widescreen ?? r/60sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup (1968)
Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride r/70sMusic | Top weekly posts
Sweet - Fox On The Run
Queen - Killer Queen
Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce
Ram Jam - Black Betty (Official Audio)
Talk Talk - It's My Life r/80sMusic | Top weekly posts
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Official Music Video) - you hear the music in every decade!
Missing Persons - Words - I sprayed my hair blue back in 1983 because of this song! Got A LOT of attention...lol
Duran Duran - The Wild Boys
Madonna - Into The Groove (Album Version) - BEST dance song of the 80's!
Mary Jane Girls - In My House - Rick James produced - 2nd BEST Dance song of the 80's!
The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes (Official Music Video)
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty r/90sAlternative | Top weekly posts
Wilco - Box Full of Letters
Bad Religion - A Walk
House of Love - 'Shine On'
Oasis - Morning Glory r/90sMusic | Top weekly posts
Kathy Troccoli - Everything Changes
Pearl Jam - Better Man
Stone Temple Pilots - Daisy
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet (Official Video)
Flatland Cavalry - Dancin' Around a Fire r/AltCountry | Top weekly posts
Novelistme - Problem r/AlternativeRock | Top weekly posts
The Linda Lindas - Oh!
Durcel Haze - Maze
BOYO - Skip (Indie / Dream Pop) (Fan vid)
Joachim K?hn - Lady Amber r/AmbientMusic | Top weekly posts
Akrobatik - Remind My Soul r/BeatsNRhymes | Top weekly posts
Styles P - Monopolizing
DJ Kay Slay - Wild Child (feat. Styles P, MC Gruff, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Black Rob & Razah)
AZ - The Calm
Sielunvihollinen - Varjot (Finland - 2021) r/BlackMetal | Top weekly posts
Pass?isme - Chant for Austerity (Russia, 2021)
Funeral Mist - The God Supreme (Sweden, 1998)
Billie Holiday - I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues r/Blues | Top weekly posts
Karl Schoenberg - The Dark Church - Dark Organ Music r/ClassicalMusic | Top weekly posts
Religion - Ten Years After r/ClassicRock | Top weekly posts
Supertramp - School
Cheap Trick - Southern Girls
Toby Keith - Who's That Man r/Country | Top weekly posts
Timedriver - Power Without Perception r/CyberPunk_Music | Top weekly posts
Watch Gary Numan - Intruder (Official Video) on YouTube
Paleface - Fear & Dagger r/Deathcore | Top weekly posts
The Dialectic - Where Gods Tread Not
Crown Magnetar - The Pain of Existence ft Jamie Hanks
Pharmacist - Intestinal Ventilation (Japan, 2021) r/DeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Gorement - My Ending Quest (Sweden, 1994)
Vital Remains - Behold the throne of chaos
Lost Lake - ?Disease? r/Djent | Top weekly posts
ANIMALS AS LEADERS - Micro-Aggressions (Official Music Video)
Billain - Interceptor r/DnB | Top weekly posts
Camo & Krooked - Loa (Fade Black Remix)
Lone - Triple Helix (2016)
DSP - Back & Forth (or how Good Looking Records would sound in 2022)
MUST DIE! - ANGELWARE r/DubStep | Top weekly posts
Forbidden Society - Undark
Harrison BDP - Decompression [House] (2016) r/ElectronicMusic | Top weekly posts
[FRESH] Tom VR - October (Lone Remix) [Breakbeat] (2022)
[FRESH] Billain - Interceptor
[Fresh] Alix Perez - Wairua (2022)
The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive [Big Beat] (1996)
Max Cooper - Solace In Structure
Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough
As Tall As Lions - Stab City r/Emo | Top weekly posts
Latterman - This Basement Gives Me a Fucking Headache
Soul Glo - The Thangs I Carry
The Jazz June - Death From Above (2000, Initial Records)
The funk jam of the day is Lakeside - Keep on Moving Straight Ahead. So many good songs by these guys. Hard to pick just one! r/Funk | Top weekly posts
Amnesty - Can I Help You?
Agravik - Godson [Techno] r/FutureBeats | Top weekly posts
The Range - Ricercar
Kavinsky - Reborn (new album out now) r/FutureSynth | Top weekly posts
Bodacious feat. VTZKY - Face Your Fear [2022]
Moondragon - Bayshore
BT-84 - Hysteria feat. Zest (Def Leppard Cover)
Frisco - High Road ft P Money and Dizzee Rascal r/Grime | Top weekly posts
Tintz & Oljabeats - Black Attack
Rise Against - Satellite r/GuiltyPleasureMusic | Top weekly posts
Walls Of Jericho - I Know Hollywood and You Ain't It FFO: Metallic Hardcore, hatebreed, Terror, Madball, Getting beat up by a girl in a nike sports bra and hoop earrings. FTG Vol. 17 r/Hardcore | Top weekly posts
Crime in Stereo - Choker (FFO good album outros)
No Redeeming Social Value - Still Drinking (FFO not being Straight Edge)
Black Flag - Black Coffee
Kruelty - SARIN-33 r/HardStyle | Top weekly posts
Yesterday I?ve released the first track of my upcoming album, Adath!????
Brennan Heart ft. Jay Mason - Story Of Tomorrow (Official Video)
N.A.S.A. feat Tom Waits & Kool Keith - Spacious Thoughts r/HipHop | Top weekly posts
The Merk - Success Is My Location
[FRESH ALBUM] Kilo Kish - AMERICAN GURL r/HipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH VIDEO] NOEL - RAT RACE r/HipHopHeads | Daily hot posts
[FRESH] The Alchemist feat Big Twins - Billy Dee
[FRESH] Jay Worthy x Larry June - Maybe The Next Time (feat. Roc Marciano)
[FRESH VIDEO] Lil Tracy - Heavenly
[FRESH VIDEO] Buddy - Hoochie Mama
[FRESH] Shoebox Baby ft. B-Lovee - Chi-York (Official Music Video)
[FRESH] Jay Worthy, Larry June & LNDN DRGS - Hotel Bel-Air
[FRESH VIDEO] Yung Lean - Trip
[FRESH] Denzel Curry - Worst Comes to Worst
[FRESH] Rob49 - ''Vulture Island V2'' Ft. Lil Baby
[FRESH] Matisyahu - Flip It Fantastic
[HYPE] TWENTYTHREE - Let Go (2021)
[FRESH] Nafe Smallz - Bad (Official Music Video)
[FRESH] KB The General - Gas (Official Music Video)
Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session)
[FRESH] BOE Sosa - Above The Rim (Official Video)
Key Glock - Bill Gates
[FRESH] [HYPE] VSN Black - 30 Hands
Koffee - Defend
Buddy - Coolest Things (ft. Ari Lennox)
50 Cent ft. Sean Price - Dreaming (prod. Dr. Dre)
Big Sean - One Man Can Change The World ft. Kanye West, John Legend (Official Lyric Video)
Lil Wayne - Pull Up ft. Euro
Leak Bros - Druggie Fresh
[Fresh Video] Def Soulja Ft. Bub Styles - Figure It Out (Prod. By Streeta G)
Denzel Curry - Ice Age
Jay Nice - A Wave New World
DJOKO - Me & You r/House | Top weekly posts
Negrocan - Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix)
Rubber People & Scotty Ransome - All Night
Dusky - Stick By This (Maruwa Remix)
Godford - Say My Name (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Sam Seeger - Black Lagoons r/Indie | Top weekly posts
Soul Distortion - Haphazard
The Naives - Hallucinate r/Indie_rock | Top weekly posts
Guided By Voices - Look, It's Baseball (1996)
[FRESH VIDEO] Let's Eat Grandma - Levitation r/IndieHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH VIDEO] The Killers - The Getting By II r/IndieHeads | Daily hot posts
[FRESH] St. Lucia - Another Lifetime
[FRESH] Craig Finn - Messing with the Settings
[FRESH ALBUM] Carly Cosgrove - See You in Chemistry
[FRESH ALBUM] Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge
[FRESH COMPILATION] Fucked Up - Do All Words Can Do
[FRESH EP] Whitmer Thomas - Can't Believe You're Happy Here
[FRESH EP] Folly Group - Human and Kind
[FRESH SINGLE] Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Real
[FRESH] underscores - Bozo bozo bozo (carolesdaughter Version)
[FRESH] Last Dinosaurs - Look Back
[FRESH] All Them Witches - Silver to Rust
[FRESH] Flipturn - Playground
[FRESH] The Amazons - Bloodrush
[FRESH] Leith Ross - We'll Never Have Sex
[FRESH] Mapache - They Don't Know At The Beach
[FRESH] The Wrecks - I Love This Part
[FRESH ALBUM] The Bogie Band - The Prophets in the City
[FRESH ALBUM] The Asteroid No.4 - Tones Of The Sparrow
[FRESH ALBUM] Walter Martin - The Bear
[FRESH] Together Pangea - What It's Like
[FRESH STREAM] Dean Blunt - Mort Freestyle / Mort Freestyle - Remix (ft. TYSON)
[FRESH] David Knudson - Rewind It (Feat. Sam Bell)
[FRESH] Charlie Burg - 97 Avalon
[FRESH ALBUM] peregrine - the awful things we've done
[FRESH] Arre! Arre! - May the Road Rise to Meet You
[FRESH] The Greeting Committee - How Long? (Tune-Yards Remix)
[FRESH] Mandala - Better Now
[FRESH] Open Mike Eagle with R.A.P Ferreira, Still Rift and Video Dave - Multi-Game Arcade Cabinet
[FRESH] Max Cooper - Unspoken Words
[FRESH] Wednesday - Feast of Snakes
Nine Inch Nails - Wish r/IndustrialMusic | Top weekly posts
Null Split - Don't You Get It [2021, France]
yama - MoonWalker (Music Video) [2022] r/JapaneseMusic | Top weekly posts
Toshinobu Kubota - LA?LA?LA LOVE SONG [1996]
New Original Jazz Music - Dobbie Donnakis r/Jazz | Top weekly posts
Alfa Mist - First Light
INI - CALL 119 r/Kpop | Top weekly posts
Stray Kids - Lonely St.
Kawaguchi Yurina - Look At Me (Dance Practice) r/Kpop | Daily hot posts
Billlie - GingaMingaYo (the strange world) @ KBS Virtual GAYO Top 10 (220325)
Stray Kids - Lonely St.
GIVVEN - Doubts [Electronic, Pop] (2022) r/ListenToThis | Top weekly posts
Betty Booom & DanyloM - Kalyna [Swing House] (2022)
Petey - DON'T TELL THE BOYS [Synth/Rock] (2021)
Leon Payne - I Die Ten Thousand Times A Day [Country] (1955)
The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls With Sand [doom metal] (2007)
Leon Payne - I Die Ten Thousand Times A Day [Country] (1955) r/ListenToThis | Daily hot posts
The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls With Sand [doom metal] (2007)
Hill Figs - Mama [Country] (2022)
Paleface - My Grave / Lay With Me [Slamming Deathcore/HipHop] (2022)
Paledusk - SLAY!! ft. Hideyoshi [Metalcore/Hip-Hop/Electronic/Jazz] (2022)
Petey - DON'T TELL THE BOYS [Synth/Rock] (2021)
Rodan - - Pay for the Muzak [Funk/Progressive/Psychodelia] (1974)
Metropolis - Blood Stain Child [melodic death metal] (2007)
Census - Ruin My Life [Pop Punk] (2021)
Raavi - Lazy Susan [Indie Rock / Emo / Alternative] (2022)
Eichlers - 99 Resolutionz [Ska/Hyperpop] (2022)
Dust - Walk in the Soft Rain [Rock] (1973)
Khatchadour Tankian - Ojakhoum [Armenian Folk] (2009)
Jon Mishner - Casual Baller, Pt. 2 [comedy rap] (2022)
Jungle Rot - Total Extinction (U.S. 2022). r/Metal | Top weekly posts
Thin Lizzy - Cold Sweat [Ireland, 1983]
PETH - Abolish the Overseer [2022, US] r/Metal | Daily hot posts
A Sound of Thunder - Behind the Light
Gnot - Snowfall
Jungle Rot - Total Extinction (U.S. 2022).
Deviser - Evoking the Moon Goddess
Laethora - Black Void Remembrance [2007, Sweden, FFO: Ulcerate]
Thin Lizzy - Cold Sweat [Ireland, 1983]
BAEST - Gargoyle (feat. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder) [Denmark, death metal, 2022]
Enrage - Semblant
Jesus Wept - Psychedelic Degeneracy (FFO: Black Fast, Invicta, Abhorrence)
Solstice - Transmogrified
[NEW] Architects - Black Lungs (Abbey Road Version) r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts
Malevolence - Life Sentence
Misfits - Last Caress (C.I. Recording 1978) [Punk] r/Music | Top weekly posts
Bj?rk - Human Behaviour [Alternative] (1993)
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer [Dance-rock, 1986]
Luigui Bleand - Gomelo [ Reggaton]
Kavinsky - Cameo (Ft. Kareen Lomax) (2022) r/NuDisco | Top weekly posts
Goudzoeker - Ontwaker (Lyric Video) r/OutRun | Top weekly posts
Timedriver - Power Without Perception
Kavinsky - Cameo (Ft. Kareen Lomax) (Official Video)
New KAVINSKY album is out! And i'm already in love with Vigilante!
BT-84 - Someone To Believe
Sigrid - It Gets Dark (Out In Space Acoustic) r/PopHeads | Top weekly posts
Grag Queen - Party Everyday
Lous and The Yakuza - Kis?
Leith Ross - We'll Never Have Sex
Sigrid - It Gets Dark (Out In Space Acoustic) r/PopHeads | Daily hot posts
Lous and The Yakuza - Kis?
Daddy Yankee x Pitbull - Hot
4th Impact - Here We Go
24kGoldn, Travis Barker - In My Head (Official Video), co-directed by 24kGoldn
Coco Jones - Caliber
Wallows - Marvelous
Camp Cope - Running with the Hurricane
K. Michelle - Scooch
ROLE MODEL - neverletyougo
The Warning - MONEY
Sam Vance-Law - Icarus
Dean the Dream - Changes
Dirty Audio & Marlhy - Would U
Celeste - To Love A Man
Leith Ross - We'll Never Have Sex
Stray Kids - Lonely St.
Fujii Kaze - damn
[NEW] Dance Gavin Dance - Synergy (feat. Rob Damiani) r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts
Knuckle Puck - Conduit
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench. This song is actually really pop-punk sounding.
Emery - Butcher's Mouth r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts
New - Maybsomeday - Under The Surface
Thrice - See You in The Shallows [2002] (When Thrice was redfining guitar work in the Genre. Illusion of Safety 20th Anniversary)
Too Close To Touch - What I Wish I Could Forget :((
Invisible Voices - Dawn of a New Age (DEBUT SINGLE - This is a Solo Project, I play all instruments.) r/PostRock | Top weekly posts
At the Grove - ?Hope? (new song!)
uppergaff - L'esprit de l'escalier (A try to blend classic Post-Rock tropes with heavy guitars and odd time signatures)
?ltra Rapt?r - Missile (Metal Warrior) r/PowerMetal | Top weekly posts
Domine - The Lady of Shalott (Italy, 2007)
Persuader - The Hunter (Sweden, 2000)
Aquaria - The Revolution (Brazil, 2020)
Stratovarius - Nightfall (Finland, 1995)
POWERWOLF - Sainted By The Storm
Cain's Offering - My Heart Beats for No One
Between the Buried and Me - Aesthetic r/ProgMetal | Top weekly posts
ANIMALS AS LEADERS - Micro-Aggressions (Official Music Video)
TESSERACT - Of Mind: Nocturne
Meshuggah - I Am That Thirst
Keeping Stone: Sound on Fire - Arcane [FFO: Caligula's Horse(same singer)]
Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling - After the Lie (30th Anniversary Remaster) r/ProgRockMusic | Top weekly posts
Pink Floyd - See-Saw (Official Audio)
Kaipa - Urskog (Sweden, 2022)
thee oh sees - make them kiss r/PsychedelicRock | Top weekly posts
13th Floor Elevators - Scarlet and Gold
999 - Homicide r/Punk | Top weekly posts
Bad Religion - Part III (live L.A. 1985)
The Linda Lindas - Oh!
Sleater-Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
O.D.D.I.T.Y - Darkest Days ft. Olawade (Prod. by Ash Matthews & Brad Rothwell) FULL VIDEO AND SONG LINK ???????? r/Rap | Top weekly posts
Egoless - Empire of dirt (KALI VERSION) r/RealDubstep | Top weekly posts
Barbwire - Nora Dean r/Reggae | Top weekly posts
Peter Tosh - Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
Pablo Moses - Proverbs Extractions
India Shawn - Cali Love r/RnB | Top weekly posts
Blackstreet - This is How We Roll
Drake - Teenage Fever
Brent Faiyaz - Dead Man Walking (Official Audio) (2020)
Malory - Falling. The guitar is amazing. This track is ethereal! r/ShoeGaze | Top weekly posts
Saunimon - DEPARTURE
Anthony Menzia - Am Fam Clam Slam
KYUSS - Green Machine r/StonerRock | Top weekly posts
Elder - Gemini
Electric Wizard - Return Trip
Acid King - Electric Machine
Sleep - Leagues Beneath
King Buffalo - Orion
Serpent Church - Death Knows You're Hiding Dark Rock from Charleston, SC
Metaraph - Contaminations (2021) r/Techno | Top weekly posts
Geistform - Proxima B [Trauma Collective]
Planet Of Drums - Drummapella [PLANETLP01]
brothel. - APATHY r/Trap | Top weekly posts
Apashe - I'm A Dragon (VIP)
Duskus - My Heart
eugene, L*O*J - Uranium
A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras [Alternative Rock] r/TreeMusic | Top weekly posts
The Smile - The Smoke (Dennis Bovell RMX) r/TripHop | Top weekly posts
Shivaree - Goodnight Moon r/WoahTunes | Top weekly posts
Small Faces - Tin Soldier ??