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Trashed Ambulance - Blip on the Radar r/Punkrock | Top weekly posts
Spizzoil - 6000 Crazy EP (UK, 1978)
Hook N Sling - Asking For A Friend r/Music2020s | Top weekly posts
Noah Cyrus - Mr. Percocet
Your Old Droog - Go To Sleep r/Backpacker | Top weekly posts
Lupe Fiasco - AUTOBOTO (Official Lyric Video)
The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends r/TheTikiHut | Top weekly posts
Journey - Lovin?, Touchin?, Squeezin?
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk
The Wallflowers - One Headlight
Collective Soul - Shine
Sister Sledge - We Are Family
WITCHBLOOD - BURN r/EBM | Top weekly posts
The Waning Moon - Talisman (Official Music Video) r/Goth | Top weekly posts
Anne Clark - Self Destruct r/PostPunk | Top weekly posts
Shame - Alphabet (Demo Version)
Jackiem Joyner - Elevation r/SmoothJazz | Top weekly posts
Level 42 - Lessons In Love r/NewWave | Top weekly posts
The Mouse Outfit (Feat KOJ) - Vulnerable r/UkHipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
Songer - Orange (Soul Food)
Conquering Dystopia - Ashes of Lesser Men (USA, 2014; Instrumental Progressive Melodeath) r/MelodicDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Aventurine - Raven (UK, 2021)
Deep Sun - Killer In A Dream r/SymphonicMetal | Top weekly posts
Aventurine - Purgatory
Family Tree - Family Tree (1976) r/Disco | Top weekly posts
I can't believe how much music I've discovered thanks to Spotify. Here is another recent banger that I came across. Suburban Legends - Bright Spring Morning r/Ska | Top weekly posts
Oklahoma Stackhouse - The Grove [2022]
Bratze - Die auswendigen Muster (2010) r/2010sMusic | Top weekly posts
Ian Ewing - LuvnYou [Chill] r/LoFi | Top weekly posts
Cirque du Soleil: Alegr?a - 'Querer' by Ren? Dup?r? r/SoundTracks | Top weekly posts
Syd Matters - Obstacles (Life is Strange)
Le Castle Vania - Shots Fired (John Wick)
Iron Claw - Winter r/HardRock | Top weekly posts
Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (Live 1972)
Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion
Beautiful relaxing music with Landscapes for calming, chilling and sleeping - 1 Hour - HD 1080p r/MusicForConcentration | Top weekly posts
Lemon D - Break It Up (Reinforced - 1996) r/Jungle | Top weekly posts
I can't believe this song only has 19k views, it's a really good song. On The Rocks - by Ryan Vera (feat. Letdown) r/Music | Daily hot posts
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok From CHESS [rock]
Utopia - Singring and the Glass Guitar [Electrified Fairytale]
Tomas Michaud - Morning Grace
Gaijin Smash - Headache [Dance-Punk]
Meg Meyers - Tear Me To Pieces [Alt-Rock]
The Notorious B.I.G. - G.O.A.T [Hip-Hop] a song disrespectful to Biggie and his legacy
Dark Rider - Sparrow hawk [Metal]
Two Steps from Hell - El Dorado [score]
DVRST - Close Eyes
Fela Kuti - Zombie [Afrobeat] some 70s Afrobeat by the genre's pioneer, with this politically charged track in particular leading to the murder of his mother and the destruction of his home by the Nigerian Army
[NEW] Pool Kids - That's Physics, Baby [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
[NEW] Sunsleeper - Currents r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
clams casino - water theme (fan art) r/VaporWave | Top weekly posts
[Music] James Taylor on BBC in Concert, November 1970. r/Frisson | Top weekly posts
[MUSIC] Polyphia - G.O.A.T. - one of the most complex and mesmerizing songs I?ve heard in recent years.
Hella - Been a Long Time, Cousin r/MathRock | Top weekly posts
Jonny Pickett - John Rabe r/IndieFolk | Top weekly posts
R?yksopp - Remind Me r/2000sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Hollies - Look Through Any Window (1966) r/60sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Beatles - Baby's In Black
Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs - Stay (1960)
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (Official Music Video) r/70sMusic | Top weekly posts
Linda Ronstadt - Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Pat Benatar - You Better Run (1979)
don mclean - vincent
Funkadelic - Hit It and Quit It
Animotion - Obsession r/80sMusic | Top weekly posts
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom
Lionel Richie - Hello (pop up video)
The Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)
Stevie Nicks - If Anyone Falls
Superchunk - Why Do You Have To Put A Date On Everything? (1994) r/90sAlternative | Top weekly posts
Sugar - JC Auto (1993)
Gang Starr - Live on the Arsenal Hall Show: ?Mass Appeal? r/90sHipHop | Top weekly posts
Warren G - Regulate (Violator Records ?94)
gerardo - rico suave r/90sMusic | Top weekly posts
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue On Black
Poe - Angry Johnny
Whale - Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe (1993)
Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (1995) r/AlternativeRock | Top weekly posts
lonin - desiderium
Florissant - Emerald Eyes
Goo Goo Dolls - Flat Top (1995)
lonin - desiderium r/AmbientMusic | Top weekly posts
Jon Porras - Arroyo (Thrill Jockey)
Mz Boom Bap x Ill Conscious - Nostalgic r/BeatsNRhymes | Top weekly posts
Lord Quas / Madlib - Catchin' the Vibe
Danny Brown prod. Darq E Freaker - Blueberry, f. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ransom - Compromised (Prod. Nicholas Craven)
The Pharcyde - 4 Better Or 4 Worse (DJ Nu-Mark RMX)
Smiley Culture - Here Comes The Style
Sizzla - Just One Of Those Days
Odium - Winterpath (Norway, 1998) r/BlackMetal | Top weekly posts
Skognatt - Rain
Gospel of the Horns - Eve of the Conqueror (Australia, 2000)
Cultes des Ghoules - The Passion of a Sorceress (Poland, 2013)
Blaze of Perdition - A Glimpse of God (2017, Poland)
Marcus King - Rescue Me (Official Audio) Daawmn! Real CCR vibe goin on heah! This lad is a true rock and roll gem as is his band. The bass and drums are absolutely perfect. It's 1970 again. Did they borrow Stu and Doug for this one? ;) Just wow. r/Blues | Top weekly posts
TapDaddy - Ultimate Supreme [Downtempo HipHop] r/ChillMusic | Top weekly posts
The Band - Don't Do It r/ClassicRock | Top weekly posts
Electric Light Orchestra - In Old England Town (Boogie #2)
Jim Croce - One Less Set Of Footsteps
Pete Townshend - A Little Is Enough
The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature
Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love (Royal Albert Hall 2005)
Journey - Spaceman
See My Friends - The Kinks
The Judds - One Hundred and Two r/Country | Top weekly posts
50 Dollars a Week - South Texas Tweek
THIFU - OUR REASONS [AMV] [2022] r/CyberPunk_Music | Top weekly posts
THE HATE PROJECT - FROM FLESH TO SOIL [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (2022) r/Deathcore | Top weekly posts
Graviton - Begging The Heavens (OFFICIAL SINGLE STREAM)
Brand Of Sacrifice - Demon King ft. Ryo Kinoshita coming 5/25
Soreption - the artificial north
Blaspherian - The Disgrace of God (USA, 2011) r/DeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Paul Hester - The Voyage (1997) r/DeepHouse | Top weekly posts
Grant - No Lights (Lobster Theremin 2017)
The Contortionist - Primal Directive r/Djent | Top weekly posts
Ed Rush - The Raven (Metalheadz - 1996) r/DnB | Top weekly posts
Audio - TipTop
[FRESH] Mord Fustang - Here Before r/ElectronicMusic | Top weekly posts
Gold Panda - I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)
French 79 - Delmore Schwartz
Pool Kids - That's Physics, Baby r/Emo | Top weekly posts
[FRESH SINGLE] Short Fictions - The Great Unwashed
Esther Phillips - Home Is Where the Hatred Is r/Funk | Top weekly posts
Good morning funk fans! Circle City Band - Magic
I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops Up Side Your Head) - The Gap Band
Ohio Players - Is Anybody Gonna Be Saved? (1974)
A non looping video playing. Desired - Dance Tonight r/FutureFunk | Top weekly posts
Thought Beings - Don't Be Afraid (Montage Video) r/FutureSynth | Top weekly posts
Amber - This is Your Night r/GuiltyPleasureMusic | Top weekly posts
Harvest - Epicure r/Hardcore | Top weekly posts
Ruiner - Bottom Line: Fuck You
Deezl - BOW DOWN r/HardStyle | Top weekly posts
Delete - D
Chris Webby - Friend Like Me r/HipHop | Top weekly posts
Zalseven - Menace to Society
Remo Conscious - Souls In A Cipher (Feat. Conway & Planet Asia)
Prodigy (of Mobb Depp) - Tyranny (2017)
Kodak Black - Could of been different r/HipHopHeads | Daily hot posts
A$AP Mob - Trillmatic (Explicit) Ft. A$AP Nast, Method Man
Logic - Buried Alive
[FRESH VIDEO] Rico Nasty - Intrusive (Official Music Video)
Sylvan LaCue - Best Me [Official Music Video]
Little Brother - Black Magic
Nas - Find Ya Wealth
Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental (Official Music Video)
Future - HiTek Tek
DJ Khaled - They Ready ft. J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick Lamar
LUCKI - GOOD MEMORIES (Official Video)
[FRESH VIDEO] Wiki - Home (prod. Navy Blue)
Freestyle Fellowship - Pure Thought
[FRESH] Deniro Farrar - Spook By The Door (Official Music Video)
Saba - Westside Bound 3 ft. Joseph Chilliams
LUCKI - All In
DJ Muggs - Metropolis feat. Method Man and Slick Rick (first single off of the new Soul Assasins 3)
Jeezy - Standing Ovation
[FRESH VIDEO] They Hate Change - X-Ray Spex
Eduardo Rayez - History r/House | Top weekly posts
Caucasian Boy - Honeydip (Downtown Lix Mix) (1993)
The Strike Boys - Without Soul
Bob Sinclar - Freedom (Original) (2000)
Cherushii - Sweet Spot (100% Silk 2015)
Out of Service - The Ferry (My bands new single, ffo: brand new and thrice) r/Indie_rock | Top weekly posts
Goo Goo Dolls - You Know What I Mean (1990)
[FRESH] Oliver Sim (of The xx) - Hideous r/IndieHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH] Gold Panda - I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)
[FRESH] Oscar and the Wolf - Dancing Machine r/IndieHeads | Daily hot posts
[FRESH] The Chemical Brothers - I Love Tekno (Alt Mix / 4/10/96)
[FRESH] Just Mustard - Seed
[FRESH] Dehd - Window
[FRESH] Jaguar Sun - Broken Record
[FRESH VIDEO] Bearcubs - In The Flowers (feat. Thala)
[FRESH VIDEO] Sam Fender - Getting Started
[FRESH VIDEO] JoJo Worthington - Birthday
[FRESH] Tallies - Special
[FRESH VIDEO] Chat Pile - Slaughterhouse
[FRESH] Gold Panda - I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)
[FRESH] The Legendary House Cats - When I First Met You
[FRESH] Mapache - Light My Fire
[FRESH] Tony Molina - The Last Time (new album In The Fade out August 12th via Run for Cover Records)
[FRESH] Cut Worms - Dream Most Wild
[FRESH VIDEO] Wallice - Funeral
[FRESH] TV Priest - It Was Beautiful
[FRESH] Shearwater - Laguna Seca
[FRESH VIDEO] Mikey Erg - Caroline Told Me So
[FRESH] Tommy McLain - The Greatest Show On Hurt
[FRESH] PVA - Untethered
[FRESH] Tidal Wave - Sunbleached
[FRESH] - Pool Kids - That's Physics, Baby
[ALBUM DISCUSSION] Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Endless Rooms
Das Ich - Firmament r/IndustrialMusic | Top weekly posts
Aesthetic Perfection - Spit It Out (2008)
Sakura Fujiwara - My Life r/JapaneseMusic | Top weekly posts
Clark Terry - Mumbles, [1973], Live Performance in France r/Jazz | Top weekly posts
hey r/jazz!! Here's an awesome Tal Farlow transcription... Autumn Leaves - Enjoy!!! :D
LIGHTSUM - ALIVE r/Kpop | Top weekly posts
Yerin Baek - Pisces (???)
HYO (Girls' Generation / SNSD Hyoyeon) - DEEP (Performance Video)
LIGHTSUM - ALIVE r/Kpop | Daily hot posts
Yerin Baek - Pisces (???)
EXO-CBX - Ka-CHING! (Short Ver.) (Dance Practice)
W?rm - Modern Man [punk/sludge] (1977) r/ListenToThis | Top weekly posts
Idealus Maximus - On a Clear Day [Instrumental Stoner Rock] (2022)
W?rm - Modern Man [punk/sludge] (1977) r/ListenToThis | Daily hot posts
Ruru - Non-Satisfaction [Bedroom Pop] (2022)
Stone Nomads - Soul Stealer [Doom / Stoner / Sludge] (2022)
Divorce Care - Cover My Eyes [Indie Rock] (2019)
Crapstacks - Hits On! [Rock] (2021)
Taylor Kade - Love You Like That (feat. KATT) [Future Bass] (2022)
Adrianos - Give Us A Kiss [60's\Indie\Soft Rock] (2022)
Idealus Maximus - On a Clear Day [Instrumental Stoner Rock] (2022)
RIP Lux - My Work Is Not Yet Done [lofi hip-hop] (2022)
Incantation - Unholy Massacre r/Metal | Top weekly posts
Wayfarer - The Iron Horse (Gallows Frontier, Act II) [US, 2020] [FFO: Panopticon; Vital Spirit]
M?tley Cr?e - Shout At The Devil [US 1983]
White Ward - Cronus
Voivod - Tribal Convictions
M?tley Cr?e - Shout At The Devil [US 1983] r/Metal | Daily hot posts
Argus - Infinite Lives, Infinite Doors [2017, Epic Doom] (FFO: Atlantean Kodex, Doomsword, Solstice)
Paranorm - Edge of the Horizon [Sweden,2021]
Clairvoyance - A Cairn Of Souls [Poland, 2022; FFO: Tomb Mold]
Void Wraith - I (2022 FFO Wiegedood)
Sadistic Ritual - Dire Avidity [Black'n'roll 2022, FFO: Midnight]
SHADOWS FALL - The Light That Blinds (Album Track)
Cenotaph - Schizoid Acts of Mental Defloration ; Death Metal
Voivod - Tribal Convictions
Inquisition - Hymn to the Absolute Majesty of Darkness and Fire
Merciless - Unbound [Sweden,1994]
Hell Fire - Reckoning
Destructor - Overdose [THRASH]
Bodybox - Leech [US, 2021]
Mortifilia - Day When I Killed the God
Concrete Funeral - Loud as Fuckin' Hell
Attack Attack! - Sexual Man Chocolate r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts
Bathory - Enter The Eternal Fire [black metal] (1987) r/Music | Top weekly posts
Colter Wall - ?The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie [Country]
Maximum the Hormone - Bikini Sports Ponchin [Metalcore]
Porcupine Tree - Don't Hate Me [Progressive Rock]
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok From CHESS [rock]
WITCHBLOOD - BURN r/OutRun | Top weekly posts
John Kendrick - Time [Retro Synthwave]
Rico Nasty - Intrusive r/PopHeads | Top weekly posts
Yerin Baek - Pisces
Rico Nasty - Intrusive r/PopHeads | Daily hot posts
Miss Madeline - Lovesick
Vera Blue - The Curse
Yerin Baek - Pisces
Cazzu, Mar?a Becerra - Mal?fica.
Maddie Poppe - One That Got Away (Official Music Video)
Foxes - Gentleman | Deezer Sessions, London
Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts
Real Friends - Always Lose
Sufferer - Chapter VIII (PACIFIER) r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts
[NEW] Sunsleeper - Currents
Bilmuri - Place (MORE OPT1M4L RIFFS D0N'T EX1ST)
lonin - desiderium r/PostRock | Top weekly posts
Rhapsody of Fire - Beyond the Gates of Infinity (Italy, 1998) r/PowerMetal | Top weekly posts
Virgin Steele - The Burning Of Rome (Cry for Pompeii)
Victorius - Astral Assassin Shark Attack
Cobra The Impaler - Blood Eye Earth (Official Video) FFO: Mastodon, Intronaut, Gojira r/ProgMetal | Top weekly posts
Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element
Witch - Home Town [Fuzzy, psych-rock from Zambia] 1974 r/PsychedelicRock | Top weekly posts
Funkadelic - Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts
Hawkwind - Brainstorm
The Unseen - Live in The Whiskey, Hollywood, CA 1998 r/Punk | Top weekly posts
The Lawrence Arms - Light Breathing (Me and Martha Plimpton In A Fancy Elevator)
John Legend - Green Light feat. Andr? 3000 r/Rap | Top weekly posts
Pangaea - Router (Hessle 2008) r/RealDubstep | Top weekly posts
2562 - Basin Dub (Tectonic 2008)
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Lion r/Reggae | Top weekly posts
mariah carey - melt away r/RnB | Top weekly posts
Mascara - Half Light Aftermath r/ShoeGaze | Top weekly posts
Lush - I Have The Moon
bdrmm - Three
The Starlit Hues - Come Down Easy
Povel Ramel - Gr?s?nkling Blues r/Spop | Top weekly posts
Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom (1970) r/StonerRock | Top weekly posts
Anthony Linell - The Levels of Existential Space r/Techno | Top weekly posts
Hiroyuki ODA - Rise r/Trance | Top weekly posts
Daxson - 7th Dimension [2022]
Akira Kayosa - Sunrise Over Sendai (Suncatcher Remix) [2009]
RAM x SILVELA - Tequilla Sunsets (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights] [2022]
Midtone - Pearl (Original Mix) Among my all time favs! What an amazing prog trance track!
Alex Di Stefano - I've Got The Power (Original Mix) [2015]
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl [Riot Grrrl] r/TreeMusic | Top weekly posts
John Williams - Main Theme from Star Wars [Soundtrack]
Leftfield - Inspection (Check One) r/TripHop | Top weekly posts
TapDaddy - Ultimate Supreme
Goupil. - FLOATIN' THROUGH THE MORNIN' r/WoahTunes | Top weekly posts