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John Brown?s Body ft. Ted Bowne & Gooze - New Fashion r/CaliReggae | Top weekly posts
Island Asylum - Wake Up (2022)
Brooke Combe - Impress You r/Music2020s | Top weekly posts
Conjure One feat. Sin?ad O?Connor - Tears From The Moon (anam? Remix) r/AboveAndBeyond | Top weekly posts
Meyhem Lauren - Trigger Point Therapy ft Westside Gunn produced by Daringer (Official Audio) r/Backpacker | Top weekly posts
Ka - 247365
Billy Woods - Famous Last Words
[FRESH] Stu Bangas & Cappadonna - Toss The Blick (Feat. Celph Titled)
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis [German Psychedelic Blues Rock] r/KrautRock | Top weekly posts
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis r/Grunge | Top weekly posts
The (English) Beat - Save It For Later r/TheTikiHut | Top weekly posts
'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry
Zanias - Extinction [EBM, techno, darkwave] r/EBM | Top weekly posts
This Gift Is a Curse - Blood Is My Harvest r/PostMetal | Top weekly posts
Martin Barre - Locomotive Breath ( Jethro Tull ) r/Rock | Top weekly posts
LENE LOVICH - JOAN [new wave] (1980) rare live version
Mountain - Travelin' In The Dark (To E.M.P.)
Ozzy Osbourne - Scary Little Green Men
Pixies - Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
cleopatrick - FAMILY VAN (Official Video)
Queen - Dragon Attack (1980)
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean (1991-'92 Single Version) HQ r/AdultContemporary | Top weekly posts
Lost Soul - To the New Light! (Poland, 2002) r/TechnicalDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
London After Midnight - Your Best Nightmare r/Goth | Top weekly posts
Mephisto Waltz - Cupid Arrows
The Fall - I Can Hear the Grass Grow r/PostPunk | Top weekly posts
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust r/NewWave | Top weekly posts
New Order - Blue Monday
Kieron Boothe - Out Of Sight (Visualiser) r/UkHipHopHeads | Top weekly posts
Children of the Damned - Smoke Crack if You're Wack
Cranes -- Adrift [U.K., Industrial Gothic Rock With Ethereal Vocals] (1993) r/ListenToUs | Top weekly posts
Reol - 'No title' Seaside Remix r/Jpop | Top weekly posts
Eyes Lit- AiBlood - from an upcoming EP. r/IDM | Top weekly posts
Instorm - Faith Path (FFO: CoB, Neoclassical Melodic Death) r/MelodicDeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Made of Hate - On the Edge
Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo r/DreamPop | Top weekly posts
strawbey - how do you feel
Mai Yajima - Metamorphose (2022) r/SymphonicMetal | Top weekly posts
Carol Douglas - Midnight Love Affair Medley [1976] r/Disco | Top weekly posts
THE SPECIALS - Enjoy Yourself Live Montreux 1980 r/Ska | Top weekly posts
Groundation - Market Price [2022, Trad / Reggae] (give it a minute)
Kiesza - Hideaway r/2010sMusic | Top weekly posts
Coldplay - Major Minus
towerz - to be here [Chill] r/LoFi | Top weekly posts
Zeu - FLOW AL-ASSAD BASHAR r/FrenchRap | Top weekly posts
Crystal - Kaaris ft Future
John Williams - Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones - Across the Stars r/SoundTracks | Top weekly posts
Dokken - It's Not Love r/HardRock | Top weekly posts
Judas Priest - Devil?s child - live
P?ss B?th - Sword Swallower (2022)
Black Sabbath - Sins of the Father
Marvellous Cain - Hitman (Dream Team Remix) r/Jungle | Top weekly posts
Baco Exu do Blues - 20 Liga??es [Hip-Hop Chill] (2022) [Brasil] r/MusicaNova | Top weekly posts
HiVibes - Lucid Dreamin [Hip Hop] feat. Aura Da Prophet conscious rap r/Music | Daily hot posts
Night Swimming - A Wall [Dream pop]
Miles Davis - Blue in Green [Jazz] (The Album Kind of Blue was Released on This Day in 1959)
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls [Synth-pop, 1985]
Be Bop Deluxe - Life in the Air Age [Rock]
Lexie Carroll - fall for anything [bedroom pop]
Bend & Break - FM-84 & Ollie Wride [Retrowave, 2019]
Rush, Primus, & The South Park Boys - Closer to the Heart (Live at South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert)
Dr. Dog - Where'd All The Time Go [ Alternative/Indie ] (2010)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence [Synth-Pop] (1990)
Beabadoobee - the perfect pair [alt/indie/idk]
Mortimer Nyx - Outlaws on the Run [Alternative rock/ indie rock] (2022)
Makeup and Vanity Set - Implant [Synthwave / Electronic]
Tangible Jazz Dreams - New Bird Word [Future Music]
Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream [1968 Comeback Special]
Weerd Science - Conspiracy Theories w/out Mel Gibson [hip hop] This is Coheed and Cambria?s drummer, Josh Eppard.
A Very Cool Mongolian Take on Techno - Ummet Ozcan - Xanadu
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag [Electronic/Industrial] Some early industrial music from 1979 by this band from Sheffield
DMA?S - I Don?t Need To Hide [rocktronic, dance]
Midlake - Core of Nature [Folk Rock]
Cocoa Shrimp Safari - Maladaptive Dreaming [Psychedelic Pop]
The Gloom In The Corner - From Heaven To Hell (NEW) r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
Day Aches - New June r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts with flair "New"
Road of Freedom - Tetouze ft. Adrianji, Praha Akhanda and JesusInZen r/Psybient | Top weekly posts
Brain Tarp - Cinemechanica r/MathRock | Top weekly posts
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis r/IndieFolk | Top weekly posts
Cade Crider - - Take Me Home
Jewel - Standing Still r/2000sMusic | Top weekly posts
Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit (Live Earth Japan 2007) HD
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever r/60sMusic | Top weekly posts
Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1962)
Bob Seger - Still The Same r/70sMusic | Top weekly posts
Queen - Somebody To Love (Official Video)
Heroes - David Bowie 1977
Yes - Close to the Edge
R.E.M. - Orange Crush (Official Music Video) r/80sMusic | Top weekly posts
Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
Talk Talk - Dum Dum Girl
The Charlatans - One To Another r/90sAlternative | Top weekly posts
AZ - Doe Or Die (EMI ?95) OG 1st pressing r/90sHipHop | Top weekly posts
Bush - Cold Contagious r/90sMusic | Top weekly posts
The Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (Official Music Video)
R.E.M. - Crush With Eyeliner (Official Music Video)
Snow - Informer
Louie Bellas - She's Real r/AlternativeRock | Top weekly posts
Apoptose - Hexenring r/AmbientMusic | Top weekly posts
Christopher Willits - Regrowth
Tragedy Khadafi feat. Imam T.H.U.G. - True Confessions r/BeatsNRhymes | Top weekly posts
Cormega Ft. Tragedy Khadafi - They Forced My Hand
KRS-ONE featuring Angie Martinez & Redman - Heartbeat
R.A. the Rugged Man featuring Amalie Bruun - Definition Of A Rap Flow
Common Sense - Charms Alarm
Siberian Hell Sounds - U+2372 r/BlackMetal | Top weekly posts
Mizmor - A Semblance Waning (2016)
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis [Psychedelic Blues Rock] r/Blues | Top weekly posts
Cream - Strange Brew
[Jazz Hop] The Jazzual Suspects - The Lick (2022) r/ChillMusic | Top weekly posts
John Dowland - In Darkness Let Me Dwell - performed by Steven Rickards & Dorothy Linell r/ClassicalMusic | Top weekly posts
Ferruccio Busoni - Fantasia Contrappuntistica BV 256 (Wolf Harden)
Yes - Long Distance Runaround r/ClassicRock | Top weekly posts
Motley Crue - Too Young To Fall In Love
Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart
Cream - Strange Brew
Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather
Justin Moore - You Look Like I Need a Drink r/Country | Top weekly posts
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis
The Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes (1978)
Jo Dee Messina - Stand Beside Me
Dead Pisces - When Fountains Cry r/CyberPunk_Music | Top weekly posts
Saunimon - HEX
Mutilation Barbecue - Acid Tub r/DeathMetal | Top weekly posts
Nunslaughter - Inverted Churches (USA, 2000)
Autopsy - Skin by Skin (USA, 2022)
Cancer - Internal Decay (1991)
Accidental Heros aka Sonic&Silver - Soul Food - Amazing ?? r/DnB | Top weekly posts
SubDocta - City of Syrup (2022 Mix) r/DubStep | Top weekly posts
Blank & Jones - After Love (1999) r/ElectronicMusic | Top weekly posts
HeavyHex - Stare r/Emo | Top weekly posts
Ohio Players - Streakin' Cheek To Cheek (1974) r/Funk | Top weekly posts
Garfield Fleming - You Got Dat Right (1981)
Metropolis Intercom - Animorph r/FutureBeats | Top weekly posts
Dead Pisces - When Fountains Cry (free download codes in comments)
Zai Kowen - My Very Best Dancing (feat. Tenn) // Future Funk r/FutureFunk | Top weekly posts
Dead Pisces - When Fountains (free download codes in comments) r/FutureSynth | Top weekly posts
Tardast - Roofoogar (Iranian grime) r/Grime | Top weekly posts
Hypho ft Logan OLM - Badman Tune
My Chemical Romance - Dead! r/GuiltyPleasureMusic | Top weekly posts
Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite (90s)
Hatom - Don?t Leave Me r/HardStyle | Top weekly posts
Code Black - Down Together
B-Frontliner - Creating Monsters
Zany - Pillz (Adaro & Phrantic Remix)
Warren G - This D.J. (LARRYBEATZ REMIX) r/HipHop | Top weekly posts
Naughty by Nature - Feel Me Flow (1995)
[FRESH VIDEO] Key Glock - From Nothing (Official Video) r/HipHopHeads | Daily hot posts
[Fresh Video] Eto x Nyce Da Future Ft. Big Twins (IM3) - Fit For The War (Prod. Eto)
[FRESH] Stu Bangas & Cappadonna - Toss The Blick (Feat. Celph Titled)
Drakeo The Ruler - Whole Lotta Ice
Freddie Gibbs - Tell a Friend (feat. Spitta)
A$AP Rocky - Purple Kisses
2Pac - Never Call U Bitch Again [Live at House of Blues] [HD]
Future - Incredible
Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip? (Introspective Rap, Spike Jonze Director)
Jay Worthy, Larry June & LNDN DRGS - Late Nights (feat. Jim Jones)
[Throwback Thursday] Prodigy Ft. Un Pacino - Shed Thy Blood (Prod. Jake One)
[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Xzibit - U Know (feat. Dr. Dre)
[FRESH] Anitta X Missy Elliot - Lobby (Official Music Video)
[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Lil' Kim & Jermaine Dupri - Not Tonight (1996; prod. by Jermaine Dupri)
[FRESH] RIMON - Build Me A House (prod. Mike Hector) | A COLORS SHOW
Chicago House Gems: Steve Poindexter - Mental Problems, Chicago Underground, 1991 r/House | Top weekly posts
Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin' (2000)
Nutty Nys - The Promise
Tenacious - Scorchio (Tenacious Re-Work)
I Blame The World - Sasha Alex Sloan r/Indie | Top weekly posts
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis
neck twisted and broken - spiders don't fall
Chew Lips - Karen
The Violet Sunsets - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Official Audio) r/Indie_rock | Top weekly posts
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis
[FRESH] Courting - Jumper r/IndieHeads | Top weekly posts
[FRESH PERFORMANCE] Noname - Diddy Bop (Pitchfork Music Festival 2022)
[FRESH] Soccer Mommy, Magdalena Bay - Shotgun (Magdalena Bay Remix)
[FRESH PERFORMANCE] Father John Misty - Buddy's Rendezvous - Jimmy Kimmel Live
[FRESH] Hermanos Gutie?rrez (featuring Dan Auerbach) - Tres Hermanos r/IndieHeads | Daily hot posts
[FRESH VIDEO] Jamie T - Between The Rocks
[FRESH] PONY - Peach
[FRESH] PVA - Bad Dad
[FRESH] DMA?S - I Don't Need To Hide
[FRESH] YeYe, Ginger Root - ???????
[FRESH] - Dayglow - Deep End
[FRESH] Circa Waves - Hell On Earth
[FRESH] Soccer Mommy, Magdalena Bay - Shotgun (Magdalena Bay Remix)
[FRESH] Skullcrusher - They Quiet the Room
[FRESH PERFORMANCE] Father John Misty - Buddy's Rendezvous - Jimmy Kimmel Live
[FRESH] Iceage - Shake the Feeling
[FRESH] Silvana Estrada - Brindo
[FRESH] The Bobo - 2AM
[FRESH] Andrew Mcmahon in the Wilderness - Stars
[FRESH] The Native Howl - Sons of Destruction
[FRESH] Mandaworld x Matty - Love is All I Needed
[FRESH] Gabe Gurnsey - To the Room
[FRESH VIDEO] Sloan - Scratch the Surface
[FRESH] Holy Fawn - Void of Light
[FRESH] Dougie Poole - High School Gym
[FRESH] Flowertruck - Hopeless
[FRESH] Carla dal Forno - Come Around
[FRESH] Glassing - Sulk
[FRESH] Contour - Hearing Voices
[FRESH] The Schizophonics - Underneath the Moonlight
Autumns - Love Life, Hate Goths [OPAL158] r/IndustrialMusic | Top weekly posts
Lucie,Too - Tokimeki r/JapaneseMusic | Top weekly posts
NEO JAPONISM - Buster Buster
Jaehyun (NCT) - Forever Only (SM STATION : NCT LAB) r/Kpop | Top weekly posts
Jaehyun (NCT) - Forever Only (SM STATION : NCT LAB) r/Kpop | Daily hot posts
Girls' Generation (SNSD) - FOREVER 1 (MV Reaction) [ENG SUB]
GAEREA - Mantle [Blackened/Melodic Death Metal] (2022) r/ListenToThis | Top weekly posts
Step In Fluid - The Funk Bot Dance [funk metal / jazz metal] (2017) r/ListenToThis | Daily hot posts
Twinsanity - Beauty in decay [Hip Hop] (2018)
Lurkers - Gerald [Punk] (1978)
Carol Douglas - Midnight Love Affair Medley [US, Disco / Soul / Vocal] (1976)
Radolescent - Tough [punk / rock] (2022)
Moonshake - Spaceship Earth [Alt. Rock/UK Post Rock](1992)
The Harmonizing Four - All Things Are Possible [Black Gospel] (1957)
Paik - Tall Winds [Post Rock/Shoegaze](2003)
Husky Rescue - City Lights [Folktronica/Ambient] (2004)
Klink Clock - - Avec toi [Alt rock] (2022)
Red Haze - Cotton Candy, Pt.1 [Experimental Electronic] (2021)
Downfall - The Latest Fallout [Pop Punk] (2014)
Bo Saris - Can't Beat The Old Skool [Soul] (2014)
Mylee Grace - Any Road [Folk Rock / Alt Country] (2021)
Sigh - Satsui - Geshi No Ato r/Metal | Top weekly posts
Negur? Bunget - Tesarul De Lumini [Romania, 2006]
Candlemass - Scandinavian Gods
Immolation - Higher Coward (New York, Death Metal)
Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders r/Metal | Daily hot posts
Nucleus - Insurgent [Illinois, 2016] [FFO: Timeghoul, Demilich]
Morbikon - Universal Funeral [2022; Municipal Waste / Finntroll side-project]
Wormrot - Voiceless Choir
Battlelore - Riddermark (symphonic metal)
Negur? Bunget - Tesarul De Lumini [Romania, 2006]
The County Medical Examiners - Casper's Dictum
Candlemass - Scandinavian Gods
Mortuous - Graveyard Rain [2022; FFO: Necrot, Incantation, Autopsy]
Immolation - Higher Coward (New York, Death Metal)
Xentrix - Black Embrace [United Kingdom, 1990]
Daeva - Arena at Dis [USA, 2022]
Wretched Fate - Only Death to Abide [Sweden, 2019] [Swedish Death Metal] [FFO: Bloodbath, Morbid Angel]
Seven Spires - The Cabaret Of Dreams
Outer Heaven - Bloodspire
Gehenna - The Shivering Voice Of The Ghost
Trivium - Rain r/Metalcore | Top weekly posts
The Gloom In The Corner - From Heaven To Hell (NEW)
Spite - Proper One
Until I Wake - hope ur happy (NEW)
After The Burial - A Steady Decline
SHADOWS FALL - The Light That Blinds
If I Were You - Broken (feat. Devin Oliver of I See Stars)
Mastodon - March of the Fire Ants [Metal] r/Music | Top weekly posts
Frank Zappa - Muffin Man [Rock 1977]
The Kinks - Lola [Rock] (1970)
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls [Synth-pop, 1985]
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence [Synth-Pop] (1990)
Dead Pisces - When Fountains Cry (free download codes in comments) r/OutRun | Top weekly posts
Soccer Mommy, Magdalena Bay - Shotgun (Magdalena Bay Remix) r/PopHeads | Top weekly posts
Maisie Peters - Good Enough
NewJeans - Hurt (Special Video) r/PopHeads | Daily hot posts
Gorillaz - Cracker Island ft. Thundercat (Official Lyric Video)
YOUR ANGEL - One More Time
Soccer Mommy, Magdalena Bay - Shotgun (Magdalena Bay Remix)
Dayglow - Deep End
Emei - Trust Issues
Dimitri - The Quicksand
Felicita x YoungQueenz - Beast
Chloe George - Runaway Blue
True Blue - Hits Right (ft. Raven Artson)
Peach PRC - Forever Drunk (Official Music Video)
Kali - Wet (Official Video)
NewJeans - Hype Boy (Performance ver.1)
thuy - playing tricks (short film / official music video)
Self Esteem - Fucking Wizardry - Block Them Edit
Anitta x Missy Elliott - Lobby
Maisie Peters - Good Enough
RIMON - Build Me A House (prod. Mike Hector) | A COLORS SHOW
Tears for Fears - Long, Long, Long Time
Johnny Orlando & BENEE - fun out of it
Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl (Music Video Teaser)
Against The Sun - Undone [Just dropped this more heavy Emo track, what do you think?] r/PopPunkers | Top weekly posts
[NEW] Young Culture - Good Karma (features Joe Taylor from Knuckle Puck)
Four Letter Lie - Full Tilt Boogie r/PostHardcore | Top weekly posts
Murals - Out of Sight, Out of Spine (New band that Sufferer members formed without Cory Lockwood)
Hopes Die Last - Some Like It Cold
blessthefall - Eyes Wide Shut
Thrice - Of Dust And Nations
Dream Evil - Fight for Metal r/PowerMetal | Top weekly posts
WARKINGS - Monsters feat. Morgana le Fay (Official Video)
Quantum Twilight - Champions
Coroner - I Want You (She's So Heavy) [Beatles] (progressive thrash metal) r/ProgMetal | Top weekly posts
Michael Romeo - Metamorphisis
IHLO - Hollow (criminally underrated band)
Fallujah - Face of Death
ELO - Daybreaker r/ProgRockMusic | Top weekly posts
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis
Steve Hackett - The Devil's Cathedral (Live)
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis [Psychedelic Blues Rock] r/PsychedelicRock | Top weekly posts
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Here To Go (... And This Is Our Music, 2003)
Kaleidoscope - Let Me Try (1969)
Tonstartssbandht - Little April Showers
Reaper Invert - Wand 2015
Hermanos Gutie?rrez (featuring Dan Auerbach) - Tres Hermanos
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks ? guitar (romantic) cover on a Rickenbacker 330 r/Punk | Top weekly posts
Megan Thee Stallion - Pressurelicious (feat. Future) [Official Visualizer] r/Rap | Top weekly posts
Future - MASSAGING ME (Official Audio)
Sukh Knight - Scorpion r/RealDubstep | Top weekly posts
Justin Jay - You?re The Only (140 garage)
King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown - Each One Dub r/Reggae | Top weekly posts
Steel Pulse - Mack Splaff (1978)
Jimmy Cliff - Miss Jamaica
Racial Situation - Liberators [1977]
Jamie Foxx Feat. Ludacris - Unpredictable r/RnB | Top weekly posts
Alicia Keys - How Come You Don't Call Me
Soul For Real - Never Felt This Way (Should've been bigger)
Stevie Wonder - Do I Love Her (1968)
Parannoul - To See The Next Part Of The Dream r/ShoeGaze | Top weekly posts
Get Well, Kid - Fox Mulder [shoegaze/emo/dreampop]
Holy Fawn - Void of Light (New song)
Flower To Hide - Catherine Wheel
M83 - Gone, one of the most transcendent songs I've ever fucking heard.
Dozer - Rising r/StonerRock | Top weekly posts
MARS RED SKY - Collector
Blood Ceremony - Goodbye Gemini
Teen Mortgage - Valley [Stoner Rock/Heavy Psych] (2022)
Clutch - Slaughter Beach (NEW SONG)
Aurora Halal - Eternal Blue (Wata Igarashi Crossing Remix) r/Techno | Top weekly posts
BROKN - MOTION01 r/Trap | Top weekly posts
Flume - Get U (Step 1)
Berrymane - 2 tone glock (2022 Phonk) r/TreeMusic | Top weekly posts
Neil Young - The Needle and the Damage Done (Folk/rock)
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis [Psychedelic Blues Rock]
TapDaddy - Keep Walking [OldSchool HipHop]
Zero 7 - Somersault (ft. Sia) r/TripHop | Top weekly posts
Hooverphonic - Club Montepulciano
The Cool Adorers - California Psychosis [Psychedelic Blues Rock] r/WoahTunes | Top weekly posts