This page is for specifically for indie artists and is meant to explain your best chances of getting your music to an Listige playlist.

Let's start off with saying that all Listige playlists are based on social media only, so there will be no manual adding of any track, to any playlist.

Getting your music added to Reddit based playlist

Create a new user account at or if you have an pre-existing one then login with that.

Go to the Reddit playlist page and see if you can find a playlist with a music genre (or theme) close to the track you want added.

Click the link in the "Subreddit" column for an playlist, which you suspect might be a good fit.

This will lead you to the sub (subreddit) which the playlist is dedicated for.

Have a look around if there's any specific rules for submitting your own music there. If in doubt reach out the moderators of the said sub and ask!

Failure to do so can otherwise lead to your post being deleted and you getting banned.

If there's no sub rules preventing you from submitting your own music, then create a new link post in the sub you have mind:

Hit the Post-button to submit your contribution.

If your post is up voted enough in order to match the criteria (explained here) then it will be automatically added to the playlist(s) dedicated to that sub!

This is the ONLY way your music will reach an Reddit based Listige playlist.

Getting your music added to Twitter based playlist

#indiemusic and #newmusic (new releases only) are the two best Twitter based playlists for indie artists. 

Click here for info on how to tweet in your music!