Democratically and automatically updated playlists, based on votes in various subreddits!


FAQ topics

What is Listige?

Listige is the name of the service, that's polling the Reddits various music subreddits ("Playlist source" for details) in search for tracks to update the various playlists with.

It's meant to be a word play between list (playlist) and prestige.

Where the prestige is in the fact that several people (sometimes several thousands in the larger subs) has cast their votes, on the posts that's been added to the playlists.

How are tracks added?

On the playlist page there's a "Playlist source" column, with a link to the list of tracks which each of the playlists are based on.

The list presented (in the link from "Playlist source" column) are the top tracks, for that specific subreddit, which is several times a day parsed for new additions.

If new track post title matches the expected format, are among the first 25, has a minimum score of 2, then an attempt to add it to all available platforms for that playlist is made.

What is the expected format of the post title?

A dash must be present in the post title. The dash is used to separate the artist name and the track name. Where the artist name is expected on the left side and it's track name on the right side of the dash:

Artist name - Track name

What not to have in the post title?

Any other information besides artist and track name are expected to be in capsuled in ( ) or [ ].
So that type of information can removed when searching for the track.

If not there's a chance that the track can't be identified and added to the playlist!

There's however an exception to this rule, which is when ( ) and [ ] contains either of the following words:
mix, version, live, acoustic, acapella, cover, instrumental, edit, rework

These words will be used when searching for the track name as long as the are located on the right side of the dash (track name side).

How does the rotation of the playlist tracks work?

When an playlist reaches 50 tracks, then any new track after that will replace the oldest added track in the playlist.

How often a playlist is updated depends all upon how often new posts, matching the criteria (see "What is the expected format of the post title?"), is added to the subreddits page.

See "Playlist source" column for direct link to these various pages.

How is Listige funded? and it's playlists are a non profit service. All expenses making this possible are payed by it's creator.

I have an idea, comment, or question not covered here! How do I provide that?

By visiting Listige own subreddit: and adding a new post with your feedback