Twitter FAQ

How do I contribute to any of the tweet based playlists?

  1. Create a new tweet
  2. Add Spotify track link to the tweet
  3. Add either hashtag #listige or mention handle @realListige in the tweet
  4. Post the tweet 
  5. Get a minimum of 3 ♥️'s on the tweet
That's it! Once the tweet receives the last ♥️ it will be automatically added to an playlist.

Why hasn't my tweet been added to a playlist yet?

Verify your tweet contribution by:
  • Make sure you haven't made an typo of either #listige or @realListige! 

    This is the most common mistake to make.

  • Make sure your tweet isn't older than 1 week!

    As tweets older than 1 week won't be returned by Twitter search.

  • Verify if the likes you received are acknowledge by Twitter search!

    You do that by clicking this link here

    Can't find your tweet when clicking the link above?

    This could mean that although you may have 3 visible likes, they are not acknowledge by Twitter search, which is an requirement!

    In my experience this can happen when likes are given by private Twitter accounts, newly registered Twitter accounts, or old accounts that's rarely active.

    Reduce the "min_faves:3" part of the query and search again. If your tweet shows up, then this shows that Twitter search does not acknowledge the number of visible likes.

    In other words don't try to fool the Twitter search algorithm with likes from newly created accounts, or old inactive accounts, because it won't help you!

Why isn't my tweet added to a genre based playlist?

To automatically be added to a genre based playlist, either the artist or the album genre must match with expected specific genre.

Expected genre(s) is mentioned on each of the tweet & genre based playlist page.

Unfortunately Spotify does rarely specify genres for indie artists (only mainstream).

Use Spotify web console to check if artist id or album id contains any genres:

Why has my track been removed from a playlist?

In order to keep playlists alive and interesting, all Listige playlists rotates!

That means whenever a new track is added, the oldest track in the playlist is removed.

So if your track is no longer present, that means there's been enough new tracks added, for your track to become the oldest.