How to contribute to the tweet based playlists

  1. Go follow @realListige.

  2. Create a new tweet and start by mentionining @realListige in it.

  3. Include ONE of following playlist hashtags:

    Playlist hashtags Playlist descriptions
    #indiemusic Artists with less than 10k Spotify followers.
    #newmusic Recently released music.
    #hiphop Hip-hop music genres.
    #rock Rock music genres.
    #electronic Electronic music genres.
    #rnb R&B music genres.
    #pop Pop music genres.
    #singersongwriter Singer-songwriter music genres.
    #metal Metal music genres.

  4. Include a Spotify track link to the same tweet and finally post it.
That's it! Next the tweet will be automatically iterated and checked towards playlist system rules:
Rule 1, Rule 2, Rule 3, Rule 4, and Rule 5

If all rules are met then the track will be added to mentioned playlist.

The playlist system rules

Below are the Listige playlist system rules, for all tweet based playlists. 

All these rules are in place to keep the playlists interesting and open for everyone on Twitter.

Rule 1: Follow @realListige

Why? To show commitment and mitigate Twitter rules going against @realListige, when reacting to your tweet.

Example: Simply go to @realListige profile and click the follow button.
Shortly afterward you will be followed back

Rule 2: Tweet Spotify TRACK links only

Why? If tweeting Spotify albums, artist, or playlist links the automation can't know which track to pick.

Example: Easiest way is to find the Spotify track link is to start playing the track you want to add.
From there find the share button and copy the link.

Rule 3: Don't tweet Spotify tracks that was recently added to a playlist

Why? Re-adding recently added tracks makes bad playlists.

Example: If the Spotify track you want to contribute, was among X most recent tracks in the playlist, then it will be skipped. How far back the playlist track has to be, in order to get back in, is not public information at the moment.

Rule 4: Same artist can only exist in one playlist at a time

Why? This rule exist so that as many artist as possible is allowed to be heard. Instead of dominating several playlists at the same time.

Example: Artist Madonna currently have a track in #pop playlist. That prevents everyone from adding another Madonna track to the same or other playlists.

There is however one exception to this rule and that's the #newmusic playlist.
Where an artist can have one newly released track and still have one other track in another playlist.

Rule 5: Twitter users can only add one track per playlist

Why? So that no single user can single handedly decide all tracks in a playlist.

Example: If @rtitbot adds a track to #hiphop playlist. Then that user will have wait for the current track to rotate out, before being able to add another to #hiphop.

@rtitbot is however able to add tracks to other playlists, while it's contribution in #hiphop is still active.

Rule 6: All playlists rotates

Why? Playlist has maximum number of tracks allowed. Rotating these tracks allows everyone to make contributions. It also keeps the playlists alive & interesting.

Example: When a new track is added, it will automatically replace the oldest track.

Rule 7: Abuse will result in block of Twitter users

Why? This entire system honoured based. Where everyone is expected to contribute relevant tracks in a fair way. Those who don't respect that will loose their ability to contribute.

Example: Adding a death metal track to #pop playlist will result in that user being blocked forever.

Rule 8: Abuse could result in block of specific artists

Why? To keep abusive fans and misbehaving artists away.

Example: Some Spotify artists may also be blocked from being added to playlists. 
If for example an Twitter account, representing an artist or band abuses this playlist system.